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  1. Ralle

    Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard

    Finally some good Blizzard news. Microsoft, legendary restorer of old games, has acquired Activision Blizzard. >>> Read more <<<
  2. Ralle

    🎄🎄 The Night Elf Before Christmas 🎄🎄

    Greetings community! For @Archian and me, thursday is HIVE day. No matter how busy we are in life, we rarely miss our weekly chat and night to work on HIVE. The past few weeks we have been working on something special. As far back as my memory goes, HIVE has had a Night Elf theme. With HIVE 3...
  3. Ralle

    Community Shirt Out Now

    It's finally here and it looks damn cool. On May 14 we started the community t-shirt project where you could ensure your name on a t-shirt for $3. A total of 153 people did just that. Thank you! I will be sending all of you a $3 coupon for the merch store as promised. I think it looks just...
  4. Ralle

    Community Shirt Update

    Hello everyone! A quick update on the community shirt. We want to thank all of you who showed interest by pitching in $3 to have your name on the list. This campaign garnered far more interest than we had hoped for. A total of 153 people voted with their wallets to have their names on this...
  5. Ralle

    Hive Merch Shop

    "Ey take ya time, look around, see if there's somethin' ya like." SHOP NOW Ever since my interview with BlademasterRUSH I was surprised by how many people wanted to get their own HIVE t-shirt / hoodie. So here you go. The HIVE Merch Shop is now online! We've set up a shop with Teespring to...
  6. Ralle

    View in 3D for skins does not show expected model

    @Nevo reported that hitting "View in 3D" on this texture does not give the expected result. It shows tons of models that might use this texture, but none of them is the expected Orc Burrow. I am doing a look-up of all models using this texture path and showing them in the sidebar. At no point...
  7. Ralle

    Warcraft III Reforged 1.32.10 PTR Patch Notes

    1.32.10 PTR PATCH NOTES 🚨🚨🚨 PSA: Please test your maps on the PTR. 🚨🚨🚨 Blizzard said: Lok’Tar everyone! First, we’d like to give you a quick update on where we are on ranked play, leaderboards, and player profiles. The Warcraft team is committed to delivering you these features...
  8. Ralle

    The rule about map protection

    I want to discuss something with all of you. This rule: It may be time for us to remove it. With some caveats. With the launch of Reforged, many maps have been broken and their authors aren't here to fix them. Therefore, it would greatly help the community to be able to document how to get...
  9. Ralle

    PHP/JS/WebDev Zip generation of downloads

    When you download a bundle consisting of more than one file on Hive, you are given a zip file. This file is generated on the server and cached for a number of days. This system works fine for small downloads (<100mb) but recently, with the Re-Reforged project it came to my attention that it's...
  10. Ralle

    HIVE 3 Remoosed Beta Round 2

    Guys! It's been a little over a month now and I have tracked 95 changes since we went live. I am ready for round two of feedback. If you haven't looked yet, please do so. If you had feedback before, please see if I fixed it and if I did it right. We are using a forum system that is battle...
  11. Ralle

    HIVE 3 Remoosed Beta

    Have you ever taken a look my HIVE changelog? Not much has changed since the beginning of 2018. That's because I have been working on the next major version of The Hive Workshop since then. Today is a big day... For me at least. I have waited three years to finally show you what I am working...
  12. Ralle

    Known issues

    Known issues Resource pages have ridiculously small previews when there are many. [table] with images inside show images very small. The small buttons in the header are even smaller on the sticky header. Problems with [center] tag not centering media, and potentially other things? Renamed...
  13. Ralle

    Streams are broken

    I'm aware of it. I am just waiting for a good time to patch. The kids are staying up later and later these days and I typically like a solid two hours to patch in case something goes wrong. The last thing I want to do is patch 5 minutes before bed time :).
  14. Ralle

    The 2016 Hack

    Hey all, Today I was contacted by a good samaritan on Discord who had found that a list of usernames and passwords for The Hive Workshop had been leaked from the hack back in 2016. I did not reset people's passwords back then, so I have done it now. If you cannot login: Use the 'Forgot your...
  15. Ralle

    Fair use and combining general with specific resource rules

    The rules have been updated. General resource rules has been combined into the rules for models, skins, icons and spells. So they are now 'The resource rules'. I have yet to update maps/packs/tools rules to be standalone. The rules have also been updated to allow copyrighted material under the...
  16. Ralle

    Patch 1.31 announced

    They just put out the patch notes for 1.31: Read the full list here: 1.31.0 Patch Notes !! WARNING !! Make sure to backup your map before saving it in the newest World Editor. There is currently a bug which can corrupt the string data in your map.
  17. Ralle

    Warcraft 3 Patch 1.31

    A very rough Ralle news post about some breaking Warcraft news! I was sent a picture from a Chinese presentation about Warcraft 3 patch 1.31. More will most likely surface about what exactly is coming and what is not, but it's definitely exciting. Lua support sounds very interesting. I...
  18. Ralle

    [Icons and Skins] Free-hand, tracing, CnP and exporting

    We have been debating this topic for a while now internally and reached the conclusion that we must all decide whether this is a good idea. Attached is a poll for you to cast a vote resembling your opinion on the matter. In the model's section we have rules that allow porting of models (license...
  19. Ralle

    13-24 player icons

    Hey guys, I have these 24 icons. I need 24 more. Can someone make me melee_13 to melee_24 as well as custom_13 to custom_24 in the exact same style, alignment, font, transparency, width and height? I am using them for my project, a website called The Hive Workshop. It's a modding site about...
  20. Ralle

    Member Works For Blizzard

    I am very happy and proud to announce that our good old member @Kam now works for Blizzard. This is so ducking awesome. I have reflected his job title on the site: Give him a round of applause everyone!
  21. Ralle

    Updates to JASS Checker

    Note: The JASS Checker has been reverted to the old version for now because of recently discovered instabilities. I have just updated the JASS checker with a new feature I have been working on the past few months. It is super technical, so to sum it up, it is now more precise with reporting...
  22. Ralle

    Introducing the Trigger Viewer

    As some of you might know, I slave away making changes to the site and logging them in my changelog. Sometimes these changes are nice and helpful but not worthy of news but sometimes they can be quite significant. Today I am happy to announce to you the "Preview Triggers" function. On every map...
  23. Ralle

    Warcraft 3 Trigger Format Specification (WTG!)

    Warcraft 3 Trigger Format Specification (WTG!) The past few weeks I have been working on a tool to display the triggers of any map on the site. As some of you know, we had a similar system on the old site. The most difficult task in the creation of this tool is the parsing of the file...
  24. Ralle

    SharpCraft: World Editor Extended

    Introducing, SharpCraft: World Editor Extended also known as WEX. An add on to the World Editor used to heavily expand the limits in modding Warcraft III along with making it more efficient and flexible to use. Using WEX makes it much more possible to create complex and creative maps and mods...
  25. Ralle

    (April Fools) Resource Download Requirement

    EDIT: APRIL FOOLS JOKE 2017 :) Hey guys, Today we're announcing something that might make some of you a little angry, but know that we're doing this to ensure a bright future for the site. As you may know, we are working hard to improve our presence on various social networks and in a step in...
  26. Ralle

    🛠 Ralle's Development Updates 🛠

    🛠 🛠 🛠 Ralle's Development Updates 🛠 🛠 🛠 I have been tormented by people to make an official change log of the code base for the things I do for the site. I will do what I can to maintain a this. If I release a new feature and don't update this, feel free to yell at me in a profile post. This...
  27. Ralle

    New Feature: Download Statistics

    Hey guys, Today I am announcing a new little feature called "Download Statistics". On every bundle, you can view the number of downloads by hour, day and month. I hope you like it. NOTE: The monthly graph is empty and will be until April, but will only be full in a year.
  28. Ralle

    Happy Holidays and 2016 Highlights

    Hey guys, We're happy to wish you all holiday greetings and a happy new year! The time has come for us to write something nice and feel-good about the ending of the year. This year has been a very interesting one, for both the site and the Warcraft 3 community. Here is a summary of the...
  29. Ralle

    XenForo 2.0 and what to come

    Recently the developers of our forum platform XenForo announced version 2.0. Have a look around that site and get a feel of what's changed. What I think will matter most to you are the following: There are many changes. When this update is released, I will probably spend a few months updating...
  30. Ralle

    Would you like substandard resources to be hidden from profiles by default?

    People have been requesting that their substandard resources be deleted because they didn't want them visible when visiting their profile. I can make a option for you to hide/display them from your profile page, but this will take a little longer than just hiding them by default and later making...
  31. Ralle

    Re-introducing Bundle State

    This might be a bit technical, but it's very important. If you remember the old site, we had states for every resource (now called bundles) and those were pending, awaiting update, approved and rejected. Until today we have had a different system. Pending bundles were submitted in a sub...
  32. Ralle

    Removing Review Ratings

    We've decided to remove the ratings moderators and reviewers give to resources. This means that, no matter the person rating a resource, their votes will count equally. There are many reasons behind this, and a few are drawn attention to below. 1. We cannot be consistent over time. The Hive...
  33. Ralle

    Malicious Redirects - change your password

    Hey guys Last night Archian called me. Apparently the site was redirecting to something malicious trying to get you to download crap. Instantly I assumed the site (the server) was hacked. I searched through everything and realised it was not the server. It was the DNS (which is managed by...
  34. Ralle

    HIVE 2

    Welcome to HIVE 2 The time has come, the upgrade is finally ready to be used. There is still a lot for us to do, but from here on out we are able to begin using the new system, and continue upgrading things as we go. The site is based on XenForo, a more modern and up to date forum platform. So...
  35. Ralle

    Gaias Retaliation ORPG goes 1.2C

    After almost a year of development, we proudly present a brand new chapter for Gaias Retaliation. Travel to Dun Haldran, a dwarven town high up in the Whitepine Mountains and prepare the pathway towards the epic conclusion of Gaias Retaliation. A dozen new quests, several new bosses...
  36. Ralle

    Hive everywhere

    Hey guys, I have long wanted to make this thread. I think some of you can do some good in the world. To participate in this thread you open on a public computer and take a picture of the computer and its surroundings. The goal is to show the Hive everywhere and conquer the...
  37. Ralle


    Hey guys, Last night was tough. About an hour before I had planned to go to bed, Shar Dundred messaged me about the site returning a 404 File not Found when visiting it. I was shocked and checked it out myself. Yep, the site was gone. I logged onto the server and confirmed that the site was...
  38. Ralle

    Trial Import

    Trial Import Gather around everyone. I have made a trial import of all data on The Hive Workshop onto the Beta site. The beta site now contains the latest version of the site and all data until about two days ago. I want you to take a hard look at the site. Try to login using your account. Look...
  39. Ralle

    Hive 2 beard

    Hey guys, As you all know, Hive 2 is closing in. I am doing some final tweaks on the import system and then I will make a test import and have you all look at that for a few weeks to make sure everything looks OK. To speed things up, I have started to not shave. I will not shave until Hive 2...
  40. Ralle

    Now Hosted on Linode

    Moved to a new Server The Hive Workshop is now hosted on a server with Linode. I have been using them for a long time with various customers and at my job too. They are fast and they are awesome. Some of you have had the following issues today: - unable to login due to IP block - unable to...
  41. Ralle

    The Future of Warcraft

    27 March 2016 Members of the Hive staff Kam and PurgeandFire visited Blizzard on the week of patch 1.27. They went there to discuss the patch and the future of Warcraft 3. We are excited to share some great news and the account of their journey. The Beginning A few months ago rumors began...
  42. Ralle


    Keep the Hive Alive! Chip in to keep The Hive alive. It is well appreciated and will allow us to expand and survive in the future. All donors will receive a paypal donor award as well as be added to this list. Donating using PayPal Click the gift icon in the top left corner of the site...
  43. Ralle

    Beta Test

    The time has come... I would like for you to test something for me. I have refined the Hive 2 resource section system enough and would like some feedback. This does not mean that Hive 2 is finished, but a big part of it is (depending on the feedback I get). After finishing the resource system, I...
  44. Ralle

    New Affiliate: Brigand's Haven

    We are happy to announce the arrival of a new affiliate website. It is called Brigand's Haven and is a dedicated Warcraft 3 community with quite a few interesting and active mapping projects going on. It is also the biggest and most active clan on the EU realm with almost 150 clan members. That...
  45. Ralle

    Curse of River's End Spotlight (Dota 2)

    A member of The Hive known as invalidnick was recently interviewed regarding himself and how he came to start the project named Curse of River's End. You can read the interview in the link below. If you have any questions for him, I am sure he will gladly answer them. Curse of River's End (Dota 2)
  46. Ralle

    New Affiliate: Diplomunion

    It's certainly been a while since we set up a link exchange with a sister Warcraft site. Well, today is the day. Our friends over at suggested just that and we couldn't say no. Diplomunion is a pretty old community founded in 2009, around the strategy scene on BNet, one in which...
  47. Ralle

    Azothan Plays Warcraft II: Human Campaign

    It's been a while since we heard anything from Azothan, he recently contacted me to inform me that he is now playing Warcraft II: Human Campaign made by Helldoom. Here are the first three videos: Watch all the episodes here
  48. Ralle

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year The Hive Workshop would like to wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We know that not all of you are christian / religious. But in many countries (including Denmark) it's a tradition to give gifts and enjoy each other's company...
  49. Ralle

    Show Your Current Workspace

    Hey guys, I couldn't seem to find any "Show your current workspace" thread, the other threads are mostly about your desktop (inside the computer) or photos in general. I want to see where you guys browse the Hive from. Post a photo of your desk with your computer turned on showing the site...
  50. Ralle

    Azothan plays Rise of the Blood Elves

    Azothan has posted a new map cast featuring Rise of the Blood Elves campaign. It consists of a mere 28 episodes. Here are the first three episodes: You can watch all 28 episodes on Azothan's YouTube channel. Enjoy!