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  1. MindWorX

    Complete Command-Line Arguments Guide

    These are the commands that are currently supported by Warcraft III, based on known information and some clever reverse engineering of the executables. Commands Video Mode Changing the video mode can sometimes be used to increase performance or make Warcraft III run better in other environments...
  2. DenZel94

    Tooltip Tutorial

    This is a tutorial about tooltips and related subjects. So you may ask these: What are "TOOLTIPS"? Tooltips are what you see and read when you try to learn an ability, try to buy a unit or item, try to use an item or ability and information of a certain item or ability, passive or...
  3. MindWorX

    How to run maps with high gamespeed

    This was a neat trick i found out today. I've always been annoyed that blizzard gave the AI editor a "Speed" parameter, but didn't add it to the regular editor. Usually you can only test "Melee" maps with high speed, but now i found a way to do it with triggered maps too. Open the map you...
  4. MindWorX

    Collected Tower Defense Tips

    This is a guide i decided to put up, it's going to contain usefull abilities and unitsetups, for creating interesting towers. This is not a guide to create a tower defense, but a guide to design towers for one. First a list of basic passive abilities, this is a list made browsing from an end...
  5. MindWorX

    Itempools Guide

    This is a tutorial I decided to make, because from what i've experienced, very few people actually know about the itempool natives, and even fewer knows how to use them. Itempools are an internal system, just like a normal units droptable, you know, the ones where you doubleclick a unit, and...