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  1. ShadowHunter291

    Transport Cargo Ability

    What I'm trying to do is create a dropship that must be landed to pick up units. So far, I've managed to create something pretty close, but its sloppy and doesn't have the feel I'm looking for. I'm trying to avoid triggers as much as possible, but can't seem to figure out a good way to do this...
  2. ShadowHunter291

    Free beta key

    I got an extra key, and no friends with half-decent computers. Anyone need one? EDIT: Already given it away
  3. ShadowHunter291

    Any way to open downloaded maps?

    I've played a few custom maps, and while they are usually incomplete and buggy, they do frequently have one or two things that I want to learn how to do. Is there any way to open maps I've downloaded from with the galaxy editor?
  4. ShadowHunter291

    Requesting Model!

    I'm gonna cut straight to the chase: I need the Marine model to be edited so that his upper body is a turret, allowing his torso to twist and shoot. Also I'd like an "Attack Move" animation to go with this, which ideally would be a mix between the move and attack animations visually...
  5. ShadowHunter291

    Weapon Changing Works, But Is There Better?

    So today I sat down and forced myself to work on the Galaxy Editor for several hours in an attempt to learn it. Using extensive trial-and-error, I managed to make a small system that allows my Marine to change his main weapon to the Punisher Grenade Launcher, and back to the Gauss Rifle. As...
  6. ShadowHunter291

    Looping Unit Sound Without Triggers

    The title says it all, I want to make a unit have a looping sound, and I'd like to do it without triggers. The options I see are: Using the Object Manager Under sound there are options to add looping sounds, fade in/fade out, etc, but I cannot and have not ever gotten these to do anything...
  7. ShadowHunter291

    Mass Units Moving Causing Jam

    So anyone who's had some fun with the World Editor knows that if you order too many units to do something all at the same time, they begin to jam and most every unit on the map can't take any action. But there are some custom maps that use a ton of units doing stuff without them getting...
  8. ShadowHunter291

    Question: Imported Model Causing Problems

    My custom map has a problem. Unfortunately I have never experienced it so I can only guess at the source. In game, a small portion of players have reported their screens going black frequently, making it difficult for them to play. At first I disregarded it as something on their end, but as...
  9. ShadowHunter291

    Northwood Company - Teamwork/Action

    Northwood Company - Test/Demonstration Version About Northwood Company is a game in which 8 players working for a Mercenary faction will work together to accomplish missions given by the Northwood Company's Command, or from discovering randomly-placed/generated missions throughout the map...
  10. ShadowHunter291

    Gunship RPG

    I'm making a map called Gunship RPG, based off an older SC map I played a few times. In this game, players will carry out open mercenary-style missions, and will have the choice of improving their Infantry or Piloting abilities. The game's big perk is the ability to board and exit friendly...
  11. ShadowHunter291

    [JASS] Looping Flying Machine Noise

    [Solved] Looping Flying Machine Noise EDIT: Nevermind, I seem to have found the solution. Apparently "stop when out of range" doesn't also mean "start when back in range". I just changed stopwhenoutofrange to false and it works much better now. In my map I have a flying unit that can take...
  12. ShadowHunter291

    Problem w/ Weapon Sound

    SOLVED!! Situation: So I've got this unit that has a phoenix fire ability with the bristleback projectile to simulate machine gun fire. Naturally I want it to sound like a machine gun, so I take the desired sound effect and replace the internal sounds with it. Problem: The sound will...
  13. ShadowHunter291

    Hero Selection Causes Lag

    Hello once again. I would like to start by saying I've had much success with converting some GUI triggers into JASS, with tons of credit to this forum's help. But, alas, I have a new problem, and for once its not syntax. My situation: When a player selects a hero in my game, the game freezes...
  14. ShadowHunter291

    [JASS] Local Ability Variable Problems.

    Ok, honestly I'm sick of having to ask for help every trigger I decide to convert to JASS script, but I guess that is the price of learning JASS. My situation: Basically I need to add an ability to a unit, but which ability I add is dependent on some things, therefore I need the ability to...
  15. ShadowHunter291

    [JASS] Sound for Local Player

    I did some searching around for how to play a sound for a single player, but I'm going to need to clarity on how to do that. My situation: I'm converting GUI triggers into JASS, and I used to have a QuestMessageBJ to inform the player of stuff. I quickly changed that into a...
  16. ShadowHunter291

    [JASS] Floating Text Doesn't Appear

    Here's my desired effect: Unit cast spell on another unit Unit becomes zombie Floating text appears over the changed unit reading "Villager Zombified!" Zombie moves to rally point of casting unit. In GUI this was easy to accomplish with no problems whatsoever, but when I redid the...
  17. ShadowHunter291

    [JASS] Rally Points and Unit Orders

    Okay, I've recently started learning JASS, and I'm getting the hang of it pretty quick. However, one problem continues to persist when attempting to redo my triggers to JASS. I keep getting an error "expected set", when I'm providing the function call with what should be the correct arguments...
  18. ShadowHunter291

    Requesting Chaos Shaman Skin and/or Icon

    Chaos Shaman, Fel Shaman, whatever you want to call it, I just want the damn Orc Shaman to have red skin. I tried to make this myself with paint and it came out well but lacking a team color. Then I tried making it in photoshop and it came out terrible, with big nasty team colors and...
  19. ShadowHunter291

    Scorescreen Icon

    Its simple, but I don't seem to have the tools to create a scorescreen icon. Whenever I try to make an icon, its either stretched out all huge (in comparison to the other icons) or leaves a big black square (as opposed to the area being transparent like blizz icons). Would someone make the...
  20. ShadowHunter291

    Disabled Single Player

    Any way for me to have the game read when the map is being played without other human players? My map has a score system, and I don't want people exploiting this by farming points in single player. I don't want the player to be able to change an open spot to computer to fool the trigger into...
  21. ShadowHunter291

    Random Number... isn't random at all?

    So yeah as if my map doesn't have enough wrong with it already, something that is normally incredibly simple to me is giving me a hard time. I have this variable, RandomBase, and I have it triggered to be a random number between 1 and 8. But it always comes out 3. Always. So I rename...
  22. ShadowHunter291

    Moody Spellbook (only a few spells appear on the list)

    So I used to have my map award players with "dominances", or super powered items, for achieving a goal in game. However, I wanted to add more dominances than there were inventory spots, so I decided to make a spellbook to hold the dominances for me. It worked better than I had expected it...
  23. ShadowHunter291

    Morphing Makes the Game Crash

    My game, Shadow Clans, uses a lot of morph spells throughout the game. These have been working pretty much near flawlessly until I got to morphing a ground unit into an air unit, which makes the game crash. This is weird because the spells are based from the stone form and destroyer form spells...
  24. ShadowHunter291

    [AI] Random Suicide Missions?

    In Starcraft, there was an awesome A.I. script something along the lines of "Send all units on Random Suicide Missions" In Warcraft, I tried to recreate the effect by adding a triggerTime - Every 0.25 seconds of game time Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units owned by Neutral Hostile...
  25. ShadowHunter291

    Echo Bug

    Whenever I host a game, players complain of an annoying sound echo bug. I don't have this problem, nor did I do anything (intentionally) to make the echo happen. Any advice?
  26. ShadowHunter291

    Dread Wars, in need of opinions!

    So I've been working on (more like slaving on) my latest project called Dread Wars. In this game, each player takes up a Dreadlord hero, and with the power of good ol' evil magic, turns the villagers of a peaceful town into an army of powerful and specialized undead units to wage war with...
  27. ShadowHunter291

    New Member, I Guess

    Hey, I'm an older member from years ago who's forgot his account information and recently has gotten back into the map making hobby due to a change in internet connection and being able to host again. Last time I was a member, the community didn't exactly recognize one of my better maps, so...