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  1. Thfatman

    Upgrading a unit to place another unit

    I couldn't find any threads that pertained to this, and I'm tired of trying to trouble shoot this issue. What I am trying to do is simply set the Human's knight unit to be upgraded to a new Paladin unit I made. I completely copied exactly how it's done on the Orcs side, yet everytime I start the...
  2. Thfatman

    [Trigger] How do you add gold to a specific Race at the start of a Map?

    As the title suggests I need help with setting a trigger that at the start of the match adds gold to a specific race. The only way I could figure to do it is just having it be a specific Player, and then allowing you to choose the different teams to be the different races. Is there another way...
  3. Thfatman

    GUI Spells Request

    I'm making a secret project, which takes place back in the Second war. I have most of the triggering down for it, but the one thing I need help with are spells. I can not trigger spells to save my life, and so, I'd like to request someone's help in this matter. The first spell I need is...
  4. Thfatman

    [Trigger] Trigger Help

    I was wondering if maybe someone could help me with a trigger. What I need done, is I need it to be to where if one person makes a hero, no one else can make that hero (If this can be done). I.E. If I make a Paladin, then no one else that is Human in the game can make a Paladin.
  5. Thfatman

    Item Trigger

    For my campaign, I wanted to make it to where if you tried to pick up a helmet when you already had one (Or something of that nature) then you wouldn't be able to. I know that this is done through triggers, so I was wondering if maybe someone could help me out with this. this is as far as I got...
  6. Thfatman

    Warglaive of Bractarus Icon Request

    Delete this please My request was filled by someone on another site. Please delete this topic
  7. Thfatman

    Loading Screens

    I'm making a campaign, based off a character that I made up for when Blizzard was having creative writing contest. So I decided to make his story (Most of it) into a campaign, and I'm trying to make it as much like a Blizzard campaign as I can(I'm even doing voice overs). With that being said, I...
  8. Thfatman

    Black Dragon Spawn

    I looked around in the skins and models section, and I could not find one, so I decided to come here to request one. I just need a Black Dragonspawn. Either a skin or a model, which ever is easiest. If someone could please do this, I would be most grateful, and +rep for you.
  9. Thfatman


    I was wondering if someone could make a Volley spell model. In other words, a spell model like Blizzard, except with arrows falling down instead. I really need this for the campaign I'm making.
  10. Thfatman

    Weaponless Shandris

    Title says it all. I just need a weaponless Shandris. I would do it myself, but I currently can't with my computer. If someone could please do this for me, +rep to ya!
  11. Thfatman

    Replace an Item in a units inventory

    Ok, what I need help with is replacing an item in a heroes inventory without dropping the item. I need it to happen, also, once two buildings are destroyed. I think I know how to do this, but that requires me using variables, and I've never used them before. So if someone could either tell me...
  12. Thfatman

    Demon Hunter with Demon form Illidan(Evil)

    Remove Demon Form Please The title says it all pretty much. I'm looking for someone to remove the demon form on both of these models. I've tried just removing the animations, but when I do that, the weapons just float there. Can someone please fix it?
  13. Thfatman

    Dismounted Tyrande

    I was wondering if maybe someone could get a Tyrande/Moon Priestess that's not on her tiger mount, with the same animations as Sylvanas. If someone could do this, I would be most grateful.
  14. Thfatman

    [Trigger] Quest Help

    I haven't made too many maps with quests, so I was wondering if there was a way to set up a quest so that after you destroy two units you get the quest complete. If someone could please post the trigger with how to do it, I would be most grateful.
  15. Thfatman

    [Trigger] Quest Help Please

    I'm making a map with four quests, two that you start out with, and two that you get as you go along. I can't seem to get it to where the other two quests are obtainable. This is the first time I've ever tried to make quests, so it's probably that I did something wrong with the triggers. Here is...
  16. Thfatman

    Requesting a Model

    I've always been a big fan of Legend of Zelda and I was wondering if anyone could make a model of Link as an adult for me. I know there's one on here, but I wanted a specific version of him. I want his tunic to be the team color and for him to have his mirror shield and master sword. If anyone...
  17. Thfatman

    [Trigger] Help Please

    I've been working on a map for Onyxia's Lair, and I was trying to figure out how to make her use her move that puts her into flight phase, just like in the real fight, once she hit 75% health. I've checked all the forums on this site and another, and I couldn't find anything on it. I was just...
  18. Thfatman

    Elapsed Time Issues

    Okay, I know how to set up elapsed time and all, but for some reason, it stops working after a certain amount of time. What I mean is, I have one trigger to start after 550 seconds of game time, but it doesn't work. I was in the game for 10 minutes, and the trigger never went off. Did I just set...
  19. Thfatman

    [Trigger] Spawning

    Hello. I'm having problems setting units to spawn at buildings. This is how I set up the triggers in my map. This is how I have it set up: Not sure if I did that right, but be sure to yell at me if I didn't.
  20. Thfatman

    [Trigger] Spawning

    Hello. I'm having problems setting units to spawn at buildings. This is how I set up the triggers in my map. This is how I have it set up: Not sure if I did that right, but be sure to yell at me if I didn't.
  21. Thfatman

    New guy here

    Hey everyone. I just found this site like two days ago, and finally decided to join as a member. I used to play World of Warcraft until I ran out of moola, not I just play regular Warcraft. I like the whole thing with creating your own heroes and character models, I was just wondering what...
  22. Thfatman

    Just started on here

    I can't believe I posted twice on being new. Wow...