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  1. maxxxus

    tutorials in WE

    i think the coming WE patches (or reforged) should include several TUTORIAL series of each window of WE ("trigger window tutorial series", "AI window tutorial series", "vjass window tutorial series", "etc") and how to use each one of their triggers/commands/etc. adding an option that let you...
  2. maxxxus

    amazing warcraft 3 machinimas you should see

    for those which love the wc3 lore, i recommend see this machinima series (the best of wc3) and support the person who is making it:
  3. maxxxus

    "wow model viewer" without wow and more...

    there're some questions i want somebody could asnwer me: - is there any way to download WoW models without downlaoding a whole WoW expantion? - in case the previous question is not possible: does somebody know how to fix this in the WMV load folder? or this? i downloaded a MoP expantion...
  4. maxxxus

    Heroes never cry - project recruitment.

    This is a wc universe multi-campaign project, composed by various campaign series and starring each one by several heroes with their particular stories. you must advance throught each heroe story to know more about them, and make choises that could change the storyline of the campaign series for...
  5. maxxxus

    i need modelers for my project

    i just need modelers for a wc3 project campaign. if you can help me about create a model, so write me. im making a LK campaign and im staring making this days ago. so this is why my post is poor.
  6. maxxxus

    "attaching" a units with a camera.

    i know things like "lock camera target to unit" or "pan camera". but how could i asociate just one camera with a especific unit, and how could make this camera mantains a certain position while the unit attached moves?
  7. maxxxus

    [General] help about cinematics

    does somebody here know about those things for cinematics? (sorry if my english is bad :p) - make a character crouch, or move his hands during the cinematic. - darken and clarify the screen while the cinematic runs. - put images or letters while the cinematic runs. i try to found info about...
  8. maxxxus

    i offer my knowledge in writing stories for campaigns

    hi people :ogre_datass:, i'm a lore fan of WC and other Fantasy (or Sci-Fi) styled-lores too. if you want to somebody who knows writing stories or something, you can ask me if you want. my english is not excellent :( and i'm looking for obtain experience to increase my knowledge about create...
  9. maxxxus

    help about model animation

    hi :goblin_yeah:, i want to know how i can make my hero changes weapons and give it brigthness effects while it's attacking and not. i thought this from this model (MoonHuntress) made by the user HEXUS. i show examples of i' like to learn: STAND WHILE THE MODEL KEEPS ITS BOW IN ITS BACK...
  10. maxxxus

    [Campaign] warcraft: heroes who don't cry

    hello, i'm looking for people who could help me in my warcraft project. it's a campaign based from a history of warcraft 3 created by myself. so i'm looking for people who could help me for development (cinematics, mapping, models, etc.). if anyone is interested in the project just write in...
  11. maxxxus

    warcraft: heroes who don't cry

    hi there :D i'm a lore warcraft fan and i wanna create a wow lore story, but i need help (better if there's somebody who speak spanish). if somebody could help me about tutorials and designs, i'll be very gratefull. greetings :thumbs_up::thumbs_up:
  12. maxxxus


    whats the order of those mapping tutorials on forum?. i want to create campaigns maps, cinematics, models, etc but i don't know what tutorials read first and what read then :vw_death: and what programs would wear in each tutorial created in the forum. i'm confused when read those! :goblin_jawdrop: