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  1. eubz


    Geomerging eubz I would like to share to everyone, specially the new modelers, this technique in editing warcraft 3 models. This is basically just merging geosets from one model to the other. Simple yet needs patience and hard work to achieve the best result specially on editing the model using...
  2. SNIper of DARKness

    Making practical models

    *This guide is aimed at experienced modellers, and will not contain information about the making of models but on things that aren't always addressed and may seem insignificant. Furthermore this guide will contain information only about...
  3. Xarwin

    Basic Animation Transfers

    Basic Animation Transfer Tutorial Hello all. In this tutorial I will explain how to edit a model covering the following basic subjects: - Transferring animation from one model (warcraft) to another (warcraft). - Adding a new animation to a model (warcraft). - Removing a useless animation...