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  1. Mr.Goblin

    Mr.Goblin's Tutorial!

    For this tutorial you must have photoshop, gimp, or any programs that as the commends to change the opacity and the size of your pencil. My tutorial.doc = GOOGLE DOC DOCUMENT ^Since this Tutorial is really old, This document is the only version available with images. ^ DESCRIPTION: Greetings...
  2. Hawkwing

    Anti-Noobism Texturing

    ANTI-NOOBISM TEXTURING Don't be offended by the name. It just means the basics and following the rules. Programs: Adobe Photoshop - Suggested GIMP - Does work but tutorial does not use this program. Other Requirements: Understanding of Texturing - Minimal knowledge of texturing. 3/10 - Easy...

    ICONS by Crazyrussian

    I got lots of requests from people to show them how I make my icons, so here, I took lots of time to make this just for you guys, hope this is useful and instructional. I use photoshop and a wacom tablet. However I did a tutorial using a mouse to show couple tricks. Of course you can paint...