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  1. frajer69

    Help with spell by GUI

    I need to do this spell : "Passive" If hero takes damage bigger than 20% of his max HP then one of his abillity become castable. (add abillity)
  2. frajer69

    Increase next attack damage by GUI

    Hi, How do something like this: next basic attack deals bonus physical damage and slows the target's movement and attack speed for 2 seconds. I tried it over spell which activated to triggering unit "ice arrows", then when is ice arrows used deactivate it, but it doesnt work and animation...
  3. frajer69

    [Spell] Mass sleep by GUI

    I wanna make AOE sleep spell by GUI ,but i don´t know how, can somebody help me ?
  4. frajer69

    Shapeshift - Problem

    I want make a hero who will be able to change form every second. But I have a problem when I give the same spell to both forms it's works like it should, but when i give spell to one of these form and don't to second form and hero transform himself CD of that spell will reset. Example ...