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    [Trigger] Removing Structures Built

    You can also try to create a dummy building named "You can only have 1 such building" placed somewhere in the corner of the map. If you build the One-of-a-kind building, destroy the dummy unit (set that building on a Unit variable so you can kill/resurrect it depending on if the building is...
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    A "Real" Dungeon

    Probably. Thats the base of the idea XP
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    Pack Of Swords

    Not katanas and not samurai weapons: 1nd - Broadsword/Saber. Used by common melle weapon users like pirates and maybe orcs. 2th - Its a kris. Kris is a dagger. Used by heretics and those other emo magicans. 3st - Close enough... but too thick. Longsword/Shortsword. Hard to tell. Im not...
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    Ninja Time "Shippuden&Ninpou" v3.5

    Neji should be in the map... 8 trigrams a crapload of palms, ammount of palms and power increased by levels, drains (maybe all) mana on the finishing attack, stops recovery, and deals psychical damage, so armor counts against the palms to survive it :D
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    Hm... when i import the file, it says ".mdx" but when i use it on a destructible, it says ".mdl". amy1 mind explaining?
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    Land of Blood

    Make more slots so the map can be shared through, garena etc.
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    Citadel Arena (new race)

    How about this? Too lazy to write trigger tags: --------------- Starting to train a hero: If (main building level) = 1 If (ammount of heroes for player) = 0 Allow trainig. ----- Starting to train the hero If Main Building level = 2 If ammount of heroes for player = 2...
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    [Naruto Spell] Kakashi Sharingan [GUI/MUI] v1.2

    Screenies? Id want a screenie :D
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    Phase Killer -1.1.2-

    I know why there are so many 1/5 People dont want to read tooltips (and its important as hell)
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    This is simply amazing. Nothing else to say. Definetly a 5/5
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    Survival Tactics 1.25

    I dont even want to touch the download link. The preview is Doom frikkin III. And wth is dis anyway?
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    Battle Mages -1.6.8f-

    How about raising the spellpoints limit? what if people wants to learn all the spells :D XP lol
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    Mafia 1.55

    Basicaly, all your maps should be directors cut. :D I actualy got tipped about this map and i understood it on my 1st attempt. Only need to read the "quests".
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    Your W3 maps are the best.

    Your W3 maps are the best.
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    A "Real" Dungeon

    Need help with ideas for a techtree Gooooooooooood mornin' I remember that i played a map like this a year ago or something and i couldnt find it on epicwar or here, so i decided to make my own map of that type. Basicly its like this: There are rocks all over the map (destructibles, and...
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    Gothic, Van Helsing RPG

    Gothic is my type of maps. But you said rpg and as far as i read i only read about heroes fighting waves of monsters. So... wheres the rpg? And for the heroes, lets say you become an exorcist, and thats all? ^^ How about creating a branch split for every hero? Having a choise once you are a full...
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    Hey dude. Whos on your avatar pic?

    Hey dude. Whos on your avatar pic?
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    MUI Advanced Equipment System (+Save/Load +Event)

    You know what i think? YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK?!?!?!? I think that this inventory system should be an oficial warcraft 3 equipment system. I mean its perfect! Its unique, its easy to understand (In game) , (but it is kinda hard (for me) to understand (in the editor). And Thank you very mutch...
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    Any advice on what pathing i should use for the walls?
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    Brick Wall

    Why are there 3 uploads?
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    I got SOOOO confused without the quest menu...
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    Dungeon Keeper v1.0

    How about having the map in a language that most people understand?
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    Isnt there allready a tent in W3?
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    Looks like a frost vyrm stuck inside a slaughterhouse
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    OMFG. Thats from CS (not Counter strike. Castle Strike)
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    If there only was one with an axe and some thunder-like stuff... that would make a great Thunder Thane
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    Spamming Destructibles

    Actualy, nevermind. I found a way allready. It involves coordinates.
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    Spamming Destructibles

    What do i do to create doodads above the world editor limit that fill a specific region while still following the grid? I want to fill the map with "Rock Chunks" and i want them to be one on every cross of white squares (4x4 in a yellow (Grid)) of the map. I tried with umswe and weu but it...
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    The Impossible Map

    But my brain hurts...
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    RPG Hero: Human in Leather Armor

    Id say 4/5 because the chest attachment is weird. If you use some of the armors made by kitabatake or sunchips, they look like hes wearing them around his stomach (and so the other RPG models of this "pack".
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    Ragos ORPG: Onyxia (4.10)

    where can i download the main ragos?
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    The Impossible Map

    hm... i played this map a lot and i cant get past even the lowest levels. i had to skip 2, 4... and some more. Why wont you (or any1 at all) make a guide
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    Starship Troopers(THE MOVIE)v0.7b

    No description - why? Username is not the same as the map makers. DO you have permission?
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    Escape Builder 1.9b

    When i try this map in Single Player, when i start it, im sent back to the Lobby When i try this map Garena (cant host on, im sent back to the game list screen. Whats wrong? (note. this did not happen before i got my new computer)
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    Ice Troll Tribes v2.2 (Fixed)

    How comes YOUve upploaded it? The map even says its made by XelNaga
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    My 1st visit for a looooooong time now XP

    My 1st visit for a looooooong time now XP
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    Draenei Assassin(NOW WITH TC)

    Not exactly an assassin. Its the sword. But it could be a good warrior model tho.
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    ALIEN vs PREDATOR the HUNT v.1.3 NEW

    -Where is the description? -What type of map is this? -What category is this map? I dont even want to play this right now.
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    Demon Door room (Hidden Water Path)

    Yup. Im still alive. :thumbs_up:
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    Need a link.

    Dudes. Please dont mension anything about OpenGL, SDL, Java, Python and that kinda stuff because i dont know a crap about all this advanced stuff. Cmon. I even failed at learning the basics of JASS -.-
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    Need a link.

    Well i found this program kinda rofl. But its easy to understand ^^
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    A Huge model request.

    I know. Ive searched. Ive allready found all the other models (Like the other 2/3) that i need.
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    Need a link.

    Aha... well i dont know any about the graphic crap (I got DirectX 10. Whats OpenGL) Never actualy needed it and didnt know where or how to learn that. So... all this stuff... C based languages, Java, Python... i dont know any of this.
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    Need a link.

    Dude. Im asking for a link to ANYTHING that can help me make a 2d-sidescroller-RPG. I dont care if it is codes or a game maker. Just send me a link if you know some sites.
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    A Huge model request.

    (Zombies) Zombie w a pichfork - need a stab animation Zombie w a hammer - overhead smash animation Zombie w a bow - a frikkin "charge arrow and shoot" animation Zombie w a crossbow - same as above Zombie w bigass dual blades - he have to go apeshit with his swords. (Demons) Mancubus...
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    The Parasite

    Unfortunatly there are allready 2 genres of "Whos the killer" games: Horror/Magic - Phase Killer by DarkRevenant Sci-fi/Alien - Parasite by DarkShogun The only genre left is the... Well i almost forgot. The last genre is also busy: Normal Humans - Elevator/Mannsion murderer by Kitabatake...
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    Runemaster RPG v1.06b

    Well... the map is very flat. Actualy, if you focus on the terrain and the envoirment, this can be a good map. And why is there items where the title is... german? and the rest of the tooltip is english? use one language and more envoirment and this can be a very good map.
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    Runemaster RPG v1.06b

    Dude. WHy is the map size 0x0:0x0?
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    A Huge model request.

    Ok. This is for my campaign/RPG Models (Zombies) Zombie w a pichfork Zombie w a hammer Zombie w a bow Zombie w a crossbow Zombie w bigass dual blades (Demons) Mancubus from DOOM III but without the cannons Flying female succubae Flying male incubus A floating eye w tentacles A...
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    Need a link.

    Hi guys. There is one thing ive been searching for a pretty long ammount of time but still couldnt find it: A "2D-sidescroller-RPG" like the "Castlevania" or "Metroid" for consoles. The sort with the map and a ****load of variables like Weapons, Equipment, Skills etc. I just wanted to...