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  1. knuxrurlz

    War of the Peasants

    I need a few ideas for my map War of the Peasants. my ideas are totally exausted. Please post some ideas or opinions or anything else.
  2. knuxrurlz

    [Trigger] Simple Suicide trigger

    Lol as i've said before i am not good at making spells so i do not know where to begin making a simple suicide trigger
  3. knuxrurlz

    Camoflage GUI Spell

    I need help with the Camoflage spell by U.V. I can't get it to work, when i try to use the ability my hero just goes transparent and black, i'm guessing it has something to do with the "Check Terrain" Trigger. I am not very good at Gui and or Jass, Please Help...
  4. knuxrurlz

    Wolf Sniper

    I'm adding a tavern with all my friends who supported me during the making of my map, i need a very simple Rifleman with the wolfs head (no beard please):D Of course credits will be given
  5. knuxrurlz

    Any Ideas

    I have this map here and im afriad im out of ideas, it doesnt seem interesting. any comments or Critizing is welcome. Once Again please give me any ideas.
  6. knuxrurlz

    Concerning Blink Strike

    I am trying to make the spell blink strike but the Tutorial doesnt explain what spell to use , is it blink or another spell, i wouldn't think blink since it targets a space instead of a unit
  7. knuxrurlz

    Upgrade Help

    I want a unit (such as a baby spider) to be able to upgrade into another unit (such as a Spider Guard) but there is no upgrade "target" in an units well edit area. How would i do this?
  8. knuxrurlz

    Target Help

    I need for a spell to work on everything that is organic and isnt a hero. What should i select?