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  1. Hargoth

    Attack Indexing Issue

    Thanks for the reply. I did that and it hasn't changed, sorry
  2. Hargoth

    Attack Indexing Issue

    Hello, I have searched the forum and there was only one other post regarding this issue, and it was never answered. Here is the basics: Unit: Attack Index 1: - Range 0 - Targets - Ground Attack Index 2: - Range 250 - Targets Ground No attack indexes enabled. Sword Item Effect: - Enable...
  3. Hargoth

    The Sinking Isles

    Description updated. Thank you :)
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  9. The Sinking Isles

    The Sinking Isles

  10. Hargoth

    The Sinking Isles

    In case you are wondering, MrMyers743 is my new WC3 name as it has been too long to remember my old account on battlenet
  11. Hargoth

    The Sinking Isles (Map)

    The Sunken Isles Created by MrMyers743 Map Info: "The rains thicken, the tides rise and the sands slip beneath the ocean. These islands do not have long before they are lost to the world, along with their treasure and powerful artifacts. Claim what you can before these lands drown."...
  12. H

    The Sinking Isles (Warcraft 3 Map)

  13. Hargoth

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Model help :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Model help :)
  14. Hargoth

    Reputation (+1): (Post) File help

    Reputation (+1): (Post) File help
  15. Hargoth

    Weaponless & glowless Demon Hunter

    Thx mate :)
  16. Hargoth

    Weaponless & glowless Demon Hunter

    Just tried out the model editor. I can get rid of the team glow pretty easily but the Demon Hunter model is combined with its demon form and its very jumbled. I cant tell where the weapons are, wereas the section system would have helped on Vertex modifier. Sry mate :( Id really...
  17. Hargoth

    Weaponless & glowless Demon Hunter

    Now I know what you’re thinking! I used to use the vertex modifier all of the time and used it quite a lot for all of my many needs, but after some computer failings I can no longer use it due to files going missing (this one in particular is apparently common and yet there’s no solution on the...
  18. Hargoth

    Virus Infection 0.71

    Anyone who spells OFF as of several times in a row BACK OF!! Seriously, how can anyone get good at this game without being a noob when they first play it? Aka, You get no new players if you scare them all off, so there are no new players to become good players, and eventually, your active good...
  19. Hargoth

    The Clown of As'Latur

    Adulterers deserve to die? Thats my only issue with this.
  20. Hargoth

    Hello there, I am planning on using your heretic butcher model in my new RPG, but i need it to...

    Hello there, I am planning on using your heretic butcher model in my new RPG, but i need it to be unarmed. Am i allowed to use a vertex modifier to remove the meat cleaver and NOTHING else? I will give credit in my along with all other credits.
  21. Hargoth

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thx for the help :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thx for the help :)
  22. Hargoth

    Animation Sounds

    Problems with the sound replacement, its my falt realy. I was not able to record a blank sound at the time so i replaced it with a sound effect i already had (an aeroplane sound) just to test wether it worked, and yes it did! The problem now is that when i right click the cannibalize sound in...
  23. Hargoth

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helping me :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helping me :)
  24. Hargoth

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helping me :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helping me :)
  25. Hargoth

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helping me :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helping me :)
  26. Hargoth

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helping me :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helping me :)
  27. Hargoth

    Animation Sounds

    Thx guys, youv been a real help. I think ill try the replacement one first, but Ill use the editing if somewhere along the line i need the cannibalize sound. Thx again :)
  28. Hargoth

    Animation Sounds

    I am making an RPG type of map, and in it I have a ghoul playing the piano. It is the only suitable character for the job and has the perfect animation that suits its style (Stand Channel) and I made a region around it that plays the sound I want to represent the music. However, on each...
  29. Hargoth


    I have a problem with this too, any idea why it is doing this or how to fix it? In fact it has now done the same to all my maps including the ones that do not have this file imported.
  30. Hargoth

    Chaos Marauder Helmet by chilla_killa

    I dont think there is realy without using the attatchment model itself to make a new unit portrait, unless the portrait is an editable figure in the world edit itself. Sry to make a comment without an answer
  31. Hargoth

    Chaos Marauder Helmet by chilla_killa

    Good idea but it is WAY too big, it needs to be a tightish fit.
  32. Hargoth


    Good model but theres no attack anim and the stand anim is very static.
  33. Hargoth

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for the help

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for the help
  34. Hargoth

    Teleportation and "tunneling" structures {Starcraft's «nidus canal»}

    This one is exactly how i would like it.
  35. Hargoth

    Teleportation and "tunneling" structures {Starcraft's «nidus canal»}

    Hello, i was just wondering if anyone knew how to make a building like a waygate that could be contructed and could teleport users to other built teleportation buildings. I have already tried giving it the archamages mass teleportation ability, which would work fine in theory, exept for the fact...
  36. Hargoth


    I love this building but its wrecked all my maps iv used it in. They crash when loading the models. I tried saving a brand new unedited map then opened it, it was fine. But after importing your model i saved it and re-opened it again and the world edit crashed, i tried it several times and with...
  37. Hargoth

    Naga Deep Stalker

    Great model, but the screenshot doesnt give it what it deserves. So a wider screen shot would do nicely, but still 5/5
  38. Hargoth

    Subterfuge v1.1

    Do many people play it online? I love the idea but i have the idea i cant realy play it till i find it on multiplayer.
  39. Hargoth


    Take a look, theres been one out for ages
  40. Hargoth


    Now it doesnt look like an armory lol. Now it looks like a tavern. Looking through all of the comments you lot realy should have noticed that it was tagged as armory and not as "armor" and "smithy", and nothing to do with tavern. You should have at least inquired then he could have changed the...
  41. Hargoth


    As the clear response it, this is great! Also the hilt looks like something the chaos would have in WAR.
  42. Hargoth

    Diablo 3's Witch Doctor

    This is a realy good model. However you have said youll be updating it, so ill wait till then to upload it, and i will be using it in my map. Edit: Ah dnt worry, didnt see there were more pages lol. Downloading now.
  43. Hargoth


    Doesnt look that good as an orbital defence weapon, but as a normal blood elf defence turret? This model would look good for that, as it looks blood elfish and is like their red diamonds. But an overall 4/5 for the model, ill look at the animations later.
  44. Hargoth

    World Edit File Crash

    I have tried all my other maps and they work fine. And i have not done anything out of the ordinary at all to the map and iv kept the same names since i started making the map last year. And i did not remove anything.
  45. Hargoth

    World Edit File Crash

    No to all question so far.
  46. Hargoth

    World Edit File Crash

    My world edit works fine, but theres a map that i have spent AGES doing and am nearly complete that when opened up in work edit crashes the whole program. However the map works perfectly well in WC3 with no crashes or problems. Any ideas?
  47. Hargoth

    WW3: Nuclear Sunrise v1.34

    There was no real point making the Challenger 2 a unit, since Englands building only made US tanks (the Abrams) In fact theres only one challenger 2 in the whole map, and that is a shame.
  48. Hargoth

    Blade of ShadePyre

    Its very concoffula!
  49. Hargoth

    Boomerang missle

    Looks a tad like the boomerang from LOZ:TP, which is good, makes it usable in a few of my other projects.