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    Beta Test Warcraft Pong here...

    Well, I've been working on this for about a week. And, my internet is too damn slow to upload it on this site, so I just uploaded it on mine. Here. Report any bugs... Download Warcraft Pong By the way, if you want to upload it for me, PM me first.
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    Trigger Help

    Alright, so I'm messing around with a map and everything is perfect, except one thing. See, I have a unit that is controlled with the up and down keys and he moves and everything, but his purpose is to block something, but he just doesnt move fast enough. He is moving with the normal "Issue...
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    Sup, folks. I decided to make a pointless chat thread.

    I'm sitting here, writing my woman a note... Listening to the song you posted in the early replies, which is a pretty awesome song. I've had it on repeat for about 10 minutes. Yeah, I know I'm weird. But, I'm to lazy to change it... I'll probably have it stuck in my head tomorrow at school...
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    Bad news. Put this in a map. Made it so when you enter a region around Kurt, it plays a song by Nirvana... Saved it and closed it then reopened it... You get all kinds of errors from the Kurt model. So, yeah, I'm pissed.
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    Lol, I didn't feel like messing with them. I might geoset new hands for him or just screw with the vertexes so they look like hands... just like I did with the legs. I need a converse shoe model to geoset on his feet... :P
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    RockinArthas (Model)

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    RockinArthas (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    A lost spirit has awoken... and has now returned.

    Wow... I posted all that for him... and he said he would post... but apparently not... :evil:
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    A lost spirit has awoken... and has now returned.

    And so it came to pass... That, Sopho of the wc3sear moderators, disappeared. No one knew where the poster of a thousand posts had gone. Many people said, "Good riddance," under their breath... Though, many were all together upset and curious at the young forumers leaving. But, alas...
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    annoying freshmans

    Um... I said little kids pretend to be characters off of games.
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    Quick Question

    Alright, Thanks, you guys. Wish me luck... to at least finish the map, of course. :P Oh, and I have enough knowledge. I'm sweet with the world editor. I'm just impatient.
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    Quick Question

    Well, ok. I'm a perfectionist so none of the partial pieces of maps spread out all over my computer are messy... unfinished... but, clean. ^_^ I was thinkin some along the lines of a Hero Arena. I was gonna revamp one of my old favorites, Angel Arena. :)
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    annoying freshmans

    Why does it matter what name they use? Are we all just supposed to be unbelievably creative and just create a name no one has ever used out of thin air? I can create unique names if I wanted to. But, personally I prefer the name of my favorite game character, Raziel. Most people make their...
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    HAHA Blonds,Brunets or red haired girls you like>>???

    Red heads all the way. It's like: 40% Redheads/Shades of Red 35% Black/Shades of Black 20% Brunettes/Shades of Brown 5% Blondes 5% Other Colors/Actual red, green, etc. (Only if it looks good.) But, you know hair styles count in that whole thing too, and the smell of the hair... most...
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    Quick Question

    Well, I'm bored and was gonna try my luck actually finishing a map after such a long time away from the World Editor. But, Wc3 has been out so long and well almost everything has been done. So, What I'm askin is... What kind of maps do you guys like the most?
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    This is really nice, I'm sure someone could use this in their map. 5/5
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    Meh this aint your best IMO, nice idea 4/5 - minus one cuz i dun like the sword or the shield... i dunno why its just... yah
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    I could never skin a blood mage... the wrap is too weird. so 4/5 and i couldnt even tell u recolored the priest icon....
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    How many hearts have you gotten in Zelda: The Wind Waker?

    I beat it in 2 days got all the hearts and shit in another day. Easiness. And Finarfin, you are 100% right.
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    Question : how can i make 2 people talk u know...

    Cinematic Mode On Apply Camera XX (make a camera where they are) Cinematic - Transmission from unit (fill out blanks) Basically it, but theres alot more advanced things you can do. But, mess around with that. Come back and tell me what happened.
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    I have a joke! Whats yours?

    One day Mrs. Jones went to have a talk with the minister at the local church. "Reverend," she said, "I have a problem, my husband keeps falling asleep during your sermons. It's very embarrassing. What should I do?" "I have an idea," said the minister. "Take this hatpin with you. I will be...
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    A praise to all my fellow cynical members!

    I owned wormskull.... and crack_baby... But, I'm not very active.. so um yeah... GreyArchon def. pwnz all. Afro: 7|-|47 5K1/\/ 15 73|-| P\/\//\/50|2!!!!111ONE!!!
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    On the account of it being a Dark Elf and Being Named NeronDArkBlade... Its not "Dark" at all, IMo. But very nice... 3.5/5
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    What are uber noobs?

    Raziel's Description of an Uber Noob: Not only a newcomer to a site, but an obnoxious one that thinks everyone should help them and they ask 1000 questions if the first hundred were ignored and werent asnwered. Also, they are impossible to be helped because they piss you off so much while you...
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    What did Illidan do for 10,000 years in prison?

    he masturbated for all that time, without stopping because he sensed tyrande coming so he thought he'd impress her with being able to screw for a long tim. Or is that just whats I'd do... either that or like.... counted bacteria with ultravision.
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    Mega Killa 9000 TTTTTTechno Turbo!!!

    there has been so many of these before.... try to be more original. And no, ur not seeking help fast enough.
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    i refuse to make the eyes blue u comment obsessed child. jk
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    wow.... i guess i still cant make pants... but all i want is it to look good in game, i could care less of how the skin file looks.
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    priestx (Texture)

    Priest version 2..... tell me what u think... Keywords: priest, cleric, armored, elf
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    priestx (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    well the particle emitters were messed up but i didnt care... ^_^
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    JetPackKiddy (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    JetPackKiddy (Model)

    Credit to theJ89 for the jetpack Keywords: jetpack fly flying kiddy kid child jet pack
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    Eurisa get back on aim ROAR
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    DruidottheTalon (Texture)

    This is teh druid of the faggots... this is just for joke.. By; Raziel and Wormskull
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    DruidottheTalon (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    Your hobbies?

    OMG you people are to funny... rex ur attacking duck post killed me... Keep makin wormy's post trun out like this.. jsut to mess wif him. :wink:
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    What you get for christmas?

    me got guitar effects pedal (80), Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, LoK: Defiance...A hoody and a shirt... and my fav... the digi cam!
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    Pimp Rider

    LOL, thats funny... I'll have to wait... till like saturday.. my dad forgot to activate windows on my comp so now it wont log on -_-
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    no the cloak is the same color its just wc3viewer, anyone with common sense in wc3 modding would kno that. :roll:
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    Cabal is from a comic series... And this is kinda strange... 2/5
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    BloodPriest1 (Texture)

    - Update Version 2Looks better alot better, used the opinion of flamesforzuljin ;) Keywords: priest, cleric, mage, elf
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    BloodPriest1 (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    Woot Eurisa, this is a 5/5 screw him!
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    Wormskull Appreciation Thread omg!!1

    lol this thread is entertaining. I threw out my Wormskull for Raziel's Circlet ^_^
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    Pimp Rider

    Hey right field why dont u throw one together for it? ^_^ LOL i wanna make a pope mobile.
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    Pimp Rider

    if u do make sure u see if it works in game. :)
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    Pimp Rider

    ok im getting this to work in game so far the man and the gun part works.... as soon as its fixed ill update :)
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    Pimp Rider (Model)

    Keywords: ROFLCOPTER