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  1. DaneTheBeast

    1.27. LAN game?

    Their "Bonjour" service might still be need even on 1.27, though it should ask you to install it when you enter the game/lan menu If nothing works then just download RAdmin as Ravager said, works flawlessly without any extra setup. Any desyncs are more like due to maps than the game version...
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    Cs 1.6 to warcraf 3

    Porting CS 1.6 models to Wc3? First time I've ever heard of this, unless you have some 200 IQ workflow with conversion I don't think you'll manage such a thing.
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    🎄🎄 The Night Elf Before Christmas 🎄🎄

    The green looks so nice, 10/10. Now we just need the other 3 races, human one would look pretty slick probably.
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    [General] How to open a protected map?

    Maybe once the game gets 20 years old this rule will get removed, until then, good luck, the internet is full of information
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    Of course :)

    Of course :)
  6. DaneTheBeast

    a few issues

    Tried it myself and yeah I'm experiencing it too
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    Trigger and Variable help: how to assign the unit to the Variable?

    If you open up the Object Manager (F11) and go to "Variables" you can see all the places it is referenced, what's probably happening is that at map init it saves the unit (bandit) to that variable.
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    Looking for an old MOBA-style map

    Tested the map, it's really similar, but it doesn't feel right, the map I remember was much larger and had bigger bases that actually looked like proper bases, and creeps that would attack automatically. Of course these maps are so old that I'd bet less than 1000 people world-wide know about it...
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    Looking for an old MOBA-style map

    Yes, yes that's exactly it. Oooh boy, didn't expect you to do something like this, damn, I'm impressed. You're a Man of Focus, Commitment and Sheer Fucking Will. The map seems to be really similar, though I can't test it right now, but if you can spend that lumber to upgrade units that might be...
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    Looking for an old MOBA-style map

    I made a quick picture of the layout (yes yes it's beautiful isn't it) At game start you'd choose your hero. There were 4 bases, one in each of the 4 corners, with undead being bottom-left. You could take a direct narrow path towards an enemy base or go to the center where all 4 ways...
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    Reforged map preview picture

    Not sure what you mean. Anyway, the best solution would be for Blizzard to actually fix a feature that worked fine before. Maybe one day
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    Reforged map preview picture

    a comment in that thread near the end has a solution but from what i understand once you do that your map will no longer be openable in the world editor, so you pretty much gotta make a copy of your map, then do the steps needed, then upload the map. When you want to continue working on it, you...
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    Programmer/s needed to revive the RTS genre.

    Ah the post started so well and then turned into philosophy about life 🤣 It's nice to have an idea and be passionate enough about it to go and post about wanting a team, but what Undeadtaker wants seems to be a small team of people who don't know much, but will share the same goal and learn...
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    Warcraft III Reforged 1.32.10 PTR Patch Notes

    The more I stay on this site and read Reteras posts, the more it seems like a person slowly spiraling towards insanity and rambling about some higher purpose. Us: game bad Retera: no game, scream out the window, free icecream No disrespect <3 Always amusing to read The patch itself is a pretty...
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    BETA ENDS March 12 (2021) - [TODAY]

    While I haven't been on this site as long as some, I still got to see 2 major upgrades, good stuff ^^
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    Older Wc3 versions.

    There are ways to downgrade even if you don't own a CD-key, and seeing how you bought the game legit, I don't see why not share the.... Yo-ho-ho ways of the people Though I don't wanna russle any jimmies and break the rules
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    Reputation (+4): (Post) i dont even know if half of this is true or 100% joke, but goddamn it's...

    Reputation (+4): (Post) i dont even know if half of this is true or 100% joke, but goddamn it's so well written and funny
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    Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged: Exodus of the Horde

    When you singlehandedly do what an entire company promised
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    1.32.9 SERVER UPDATE

    did they just release the most minimal non-player-facing patch possible and still managed to downgrade? That takes skill
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    Warcraft 3 Patches

    Sadly I don't have any version currently installed except the latest, so I can't. Also make sure to do what loktar suggested
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    Warcraft 3 Patches

    Through some trial and error I've concluded that when installing Wc3 over those official launchers it will detect any folders named "Warcraft" or "Warcraft III" and thus you will still have the newest version even after supposedly downloading an older one. You can try renaming or straight up...
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    1.32.7 PATCH NOTES

    Yikes, more than a month for a 0.0.1 patch that fixes some stuff. How big is their classic team? 5 people? :peasant-resident-sleeper:
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    [Help] My world editor have a problem blurred characters

    Search around window settings there should be something that can help you. If not then you're out of luck it's probably the Editor's fault.
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    I tried it and it doesn't work, at least not on 1.31. I'm more surprised that it DOES work for...

    I tried it and it doesn't work, at least not on 1.31. I'm more surprised that it DOES work for you to be honest.
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    Custom Targeting Image

    Thank you. Kinda of hoped there would be more to choose from, but this will do
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    Custom Targeting Image

    Whenever you want to cast an AoE spell there's a targeting image that is different depending on the unit's race in the OE. 1) What's the path to these images? 2) Can you import custom ones and override them? 3) Where can I find some custom targeting images to download?
  27. DaneTheBeast

    Painfully slow loading, only on this site

    So this has been happening for a while now but the site is really slow at loading pages and at times refuses to loading pictures (small icon with black line through it). I have no issue with any other site so I really don't know what to do here, any help would be appreciated since i legit can't...
  28. DaneTheBeast

    Alright seems that 1.32+ isn't compatible with 1.31. I'll check out the 1-dummy unit thing. If...

    Alright seems that 1.32+ isn't compatible with 1.31. I'll check out the 1-dummy unit thing. If it works then there are lots of triggers that need to be tweaked :D Combining that with a dummy recycler is a huge boost in performance
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    Your map on...

    Your map on [] seems to give an error 'Level info missing or invalid'. Is this because it was made in 1.32+? I remember hearing somewhere that newer maps cannot be opened on older version even if they are...
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    Question about custom abilitys

    1) You have the same auto-cast Bloodlust that's single target, but whenever it's cast you take units in range around the target and for each unit summon a dummy unit with Bloodlust of appropriate level which casts Bloodlust on that unit. 2) You have a custom spell, preferably 'Channel', that's...
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    Reputation (+2): (Post) People understand quantum physics better than inner workings of Wc3 &...

    Reputation (+2): (Post) People understand quantum physics better than inner workings of Wc3 & World Editor :'D
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    Reputation (+4): (Post) Interesting find, useful ;D

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Interesting find, useful ;D
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    [Solved] Damage failing inside unit group with loop for each integer from 1 to 10

    Did you try using Set VariableSet WOI_DamageGroup = (Units within 125.00 of WOI_Loc3) And then checking for dead/enemy in an if/then/else loop, instead of all of it being in Set VariableSet WOI_DamageGroup = (Units within 125.00 of WOI_Loc3 matching ((((Matching unit) is dead) Equal to False)...
  34. DaneTheBeast

    12 Items in a shop

    Bump, but also to give closure. Turns out those functions are hella bugged. Using "Item-type" isn't a good approach because of that, but neither is replacing it with units (unit-type) because units lose their tooltip colors when added to a shop with a function. Last solution was abilities which...
  35. DaneTheBeast

    Bone Armor 1.18

    Alright I got it working for Warcraft 1.31.1, using Bone Armor 1.17 and Damage Engine Newer versions of Damage Engine don't work, also haven't been able to find any other version than 3.8 and 5.4/5.5, but it doesn't matter now.
  36. DaneTheBeast

    Bone Armor 1.18

    I'm working on a map for 1.31 while using Bribe's Damage Engine ( I believe?). Will this spell work for 1.31? Or should I use Bone Armor 1.13.1? Does the older version have the same functionalities?
  37. DaneTheBeast

    Downgrade map from 1.30+ to 1.27?

    He wants to downgrade a single map, not the whole game, that's where the issue is. That would require editing the map in some tricky ways as people here have suggested. Drake53's work seems very promising so that might be a one-stop solution in the future
  38. DaneTheBeast

    I need to learn how to make a photo instead unit animated portait

    It's just a single texture on a model that's in the shape of a rectangle. Search around on how to make models and portraits. You should be able to do this easily after learning the basics.
  39. DaneTheBeast

    [General] Custom game folder

    Maps in: 'C:\Users\<Your Name>\Documents\Warcraft III\Maps" Screenshots in: 'C:\Users\<Your Name>\Documents\Warcraft III\ScreenShots' One possible solution (Not tested) is if you are still having issues it might help to make sure there is no 'Maps' folder inside your Warcraft install directory...
  40. DaneTheBeast

    12 Items in a shop

    Even though I removed the "Hero select" icon, adding items to a marketplace with Neutral Building - Add Item-type to Market with 1 in stock and a max stock of 1 adds only up to 11 items. I tried setting Neutral Building - Limit Market to 12 item slots and Neutral Building - Limit Market to 0...
  41. DaneTheBeast

    [General] Is Map Initialization needed in maps?

    Elapsed time 00.00 comes after the initialization, in personal experience both have their uses and it really depends on your map and what you're trying to achieve. The lag is pretty much unavoidable, either you do it at start or spread it throughout the first minute of the game
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    If you need further help just send me a private message

    If you need further help just send me a private message
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    How can i create Team Income?

    Ah, a Shango question, my specialty. Shango has individual incomes for each player, but if you want for both players in a team to contribute to the same income you'd just need 4 variables instead of 8. Whenever someone sends a creep check which team they're on and increase the teams income.
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    Element TD 2

    I love you <3 ;D
  45. DaneTheBeast

    GameRanger/Garena and WC3 Reforged

    Those services relied on LAN. As far as I know Reforged doesn't have any LAN functionality so it's impossible
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    1.32.2 PATCH NOTES

    Nice. Just another 34 patches like these and we should have a cool game. That main menu still feels laggy
  47. DaneTheBeast

    Element TD 2

    Dota 2, Legion TD 2 and now Element TD 2 Hopefully it doesn't go into obscurity like Legion TD 2 :(
  48. DaneTheBeast

    1.32.1 PATCH NOTES

    Pay 30$ to beta test the game for em eyyy Imagine screwing up so bad that the game patches only serve to bring it back to its playable state Hopefully patches come often and the game improves fast
  49. DaneTheBeast

    Best Warcraft 3 patch right now

    I really don't see why people think 1.26 is the best when 1.27b is just as solid with added features.. shrug