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  1. HaaG

    Ultimate Limit of Save/load System

    Hello, I am trying to edit the Save/load system by AceHart, somehow to be able to save A TON of stuff into a single code. Looks like 64 symbols is not enough, even all the symbols on the English Keyboard. But, Is there a way to use Chinese characters in World editor GUI and JASS? Or if you guys...
  2. HaaG

    How to play .mp3 file from local files?

    Hi, I know Newgen pack has the option to enable local files and it's possible to play .mp3 from your pc's folders. But the question is how to trigger it? D
  3. HaaG

    Converting TGA to BLP Error No frame

    Hello, I use Wc3 Image extractor to convert tga to BLP 256x256 and it's successful but when I try to use this image or to open it, it gives me error. What to do? It's the only software I found for BLP... stupid blizzard format lol
  4. HaaG

    How to export gameplay constants edit it, and import to other map?

    Hello, I know from an old thread it's possible, but it doesn't say what program you use to do it. So that's my question, exactly how do you Export gameplay constants, edit it, and import to other map? I'll be very thankful.
  5. HaaG

    How to call preload the names of my variables?

    Hello, I don't know how to call preload the names of my variables with array size. Looks like this: Set Save[SaveCount] = Honor_P[(Player number of (Triggering player))] Set Save[SaveCount] = PlayerEffectSave[(Player number of (Triggering player))] And preload like this : Custom script...
  6. HaaG

    Can u check my spell trigger please? TY

    Hello, My trigger seems to work and I don't see mistakes. But I thought You could check to make sure. The spell is like this: A Lightning shield to deal x1 intel of the caster each second around the target unit cast in a range of 200 to all enemy units for 12 seconds. I tested it and works...
  7. HaaG

    Dacia PRG Warcraft 1.27 map, no reforge.

    Hello, I'm just looking for some1 who can help me add a little more "touch" to my map, it's already finished long time ago. But I'd like to add a few more things here and there. So it won't be much work, lets say add a new dungeon or a new boss etc. You can tell me what you're good at and what u...
  8. HaaG

    Can't play WC3 reforged without buying it? Blizzard scams

    So I have tried several links for WC3 reforged but all of them eventually redirect you to buy the game for 30$. 30$ for a 30 year old game seems like a scam, while it doesn't seem to me that they did much work except touching the graphics a bit, just trying to scam us off our money. Typical...
  9. HaaG

    Is Warcraft 3 still alive?

    Long time no see friends, It feels like Ten thousand years gone, almost as long as Illidan's prison. I see Hivework is still alive somehow, but what about Warcraft 3? I can't find a place with many people to play it. I remember Garena died, then I have gameranger but not many players there to...
  10. HaaG

    Bosses Spells Ideas Thread

    Hello, I need like 1 ultimate spell for each boss in mah dungeons. Give ideas for boss/minibosses/puzzles etc. EX 1: Boss turns invul for 2 seconds and casting, the players have to escape his 300 AOE or they die. You can also give model ideas/ style type of fighting for a boss. If you're unsure...
  11. HaaG

    Edit a trigger

    Hello, Since i have no knowledge of jass, can someone please do me a favor and edit a trigger for me. I want to remove kick player option and add an automatic option...
  12. HaaG

    RPG IDeas

    Hi! This RPG's probably one of the wc3 largest and most UNIQUE RPG projects. (Talking about map size, and content). This RPG's gonna have a very unique crafting system, Gem system(Gem will be applied to hero and will give stats, and can be upgraded). Ideas I need: 1. Unique abilities picked...
  13. HaaG

    Help removing a LEAK

    Hello, I made a MUI Spell. I need help to clear the unit group leak properly without making the spell malfunctioning. Vampire Dance Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Summon Water Elemental Actions...
  14. HaaG

    Will this cause lag?

    Will having like 5-10 triggers at once running at 0.02 sec each cause some lag? Even minor?
  15. HaaG

    Simple Icon Request

    Hello, I need an Icon for blood mage model. I want the basic wc3 blood mage hero icon, but I want you to edit it and add some dark purple color. I don't know which part exactly should be colored so the Icon can look cool, maybe try his hair and/or face idk. Make it look cool. And purple. I love...
  16. HaaG

    GUI MUI Spell

    Hello, basically I need this, ADD ability to casting unit, wait X seconds, remove ability.
  17. HaaG

    Warcraft Joke Lines

    Hello, this is a thread inspired by yo hive mama jokes. The difference is you can post any wc3 joke lines here, not only yo mama related. I'll start with a few examples. -I'm so single when I cast mirror image my wc3 crashes. -That sorceress was so hot, I couldn't even blink. -You're...
  18. HaaG

    Annoying Object editor BUG

    Hello, so I'm making new spells and buffs, and out of nowhere, some of them get added to some RANDOM units in object editor's normal abilities, WTF? Why does this happen?
  19. HaaG

    Model Import

    Hey guys, I have problem with this model, I want the model with the 2 swords animation, but when I import it, it is the 1 sword one. How do I switch between them...
  20. HaaG

    Dragon Slayer RPG! Project Continues!

    To keep it short, there was already a thread for the same map 2 years ago, but I was busy bla bla bla, project died. Now it's time to finish it. Features: -Dungeons and dungeon stones(U can teleport to a dungeon stone near a dungeon to make it easier for parties) -Max level 90 -Each hero gets...
  21. HaaG

    Warcraft III external program

    Hello, I've seen that some people use some program to show their FPS and/or their character/s hp and mana reg/sec, what program is this?
  22. HaaG

    How to make HOT MUI SPELL?

    Hello guys, I want to make a spell where a spell will heal units in 600 AoE each 2 seconds for 10 seconds for x2 int. Can you help me on the MUI part? EDIT: I use GUI, don't know JASS.
  23. HaaG

    Spell request

    Hello, I'd like to request a spell. Coding language doesn't matter. However, I'd like to point out that I'm using looking_for_help's DDS. 1. Pyroclasm. (Active-Bouncing Target spell - Casting for 2 seconds to use a giant fire ball, dealing 6x int damage on the target and bouncing up to 7 times...
  24. HaaG

    How to use A DDS? Halp.

    Hello, I need a DDS in order to make a couple spells based on carriorn swarm, but I want them to deal x5 int damage, and I can't find a way to do this without a DDS. Now a problem is how to use a DDS, I've stopped on this DDS...
  25. HaaG

    Spell Requests

    Hello, I'd be thankful if someone could make these spells. All spells have to be MUI, also preferable is GUI to be used to I can modify them easier. 1. Passive - After casting a spell the fire mage creates a flaming shield around herself dealing 1,25x int damage per second for 4 seconds.) 250...
  26. HaaG

    Question about Wc3 speed hack

    Hello, I have never used wc3 speed hack, but my question is, can you make a trigger that can prevent the use of wc3 speed hack in a map?
  27. HaaG


    I'll upload 2 maps, check the spell Dark Wave. The map dark naga works fine. But the second map, this spell dark wave, deals more damage than the trigger says. If u put 50 damage, (+5-10 from dummy spell), the spell will deal 90 damage in the map. If u put 200 damage, it will deal like 380. I...
  28. HaaG

    Help with trigger

    Ok I want to do this thing, event, every 120 seconds of game time, add X spell to X unit and make him cast it, but if every player types -block in 3.5 seconds, spell is not cast. The hard part is to detect when 1 player types -block to remove him from the players that can type -block. So if 1...
  29. HaaG

    Dacia RPG

    Hello, I've been working on one rpg map for quite a while, I had stopped developing it years ago. But I decided I'd like to update it. All systems and everything is done. What i wanna do is add more dungeons, items, increase max level etc. Looking for -Triggerer with good GUI knowledge and/or...
  30. HaaG

    Disconnect in Garena

    OK so 6-7 ppl joined in my game that i hosted (RPG that I made) and when we started when some of us load others get disconnected. First three times everyone got dc except me and the guy who was bulgarian. Since I'm bulgarian playing in russian room, russians got high ping, bulgarians low ping...
  31. HaaG

    Desperate Times

    Hello, What I wanna do is to make my save/load system to make .txt files with the codes in the wc3 folder. I have no knowledge of jass and it's really hard for me. Maybe if someone can do it for me or if we can manage to do it together idk.. Thanks in advance.
  32. HaaG

    Questions about WE

    Hello, I've got a couple questions. 1 - I have newgen, but when I download and try to import spells in vjass to a new map i get errors, if i test the map however it works perfectly. Why? 2 - How can i make the code from the save system be made into wc3 folder into a .txt file? 3 - I...
  33. HaaG

    GUI SPELLS Request

    Hello,i need a few spells,credits will be given. Spell 1 : Punishing Glaive - the huntress throws a punishing glaive which deals x5 agi dmg to enemy units in cone. Spell type : Point target Spell effects : I want the Glaive Thrower(Missile) model for this spell. Spell 2 : Poison Release...
  34. HaaG

    Icon request

    Hello,i wanna request an icon for this skin ,credits will be given offcourse.
  35. HaaG

    Need help with Signature.

    See the link below on my signature?If i post the link in post it happens this : and if i post it in the signature it shows link? ... lol ..Why ? How to fix it ? I want below my signature to be read ''Dragon slayers...
  36. HaaG

    Dragon Slayers RPG

    Hello everyone,me and my friend are making rpg and we need more members,i wanna introduce you the features of Dragon Slayers RPG first,also the rpg is in very early stage and there are not many things completed. DRAGON SLAYERS ORPG PROJECT Features : -Professions ...