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  1. Yours Truly

    Everything About Basic Attacks

    Everything About Basic Atacks This tutorial is mainly for older patches, new natives to modify attack values exist in the later versions. Table of contents: 1. Basic Attacks, what are they? 2. Requirements to Detect Basic Attacks 3. Detecting Basic Attacks 4. Resetting the Basic Attack Timer...
  2. Magtheridon96

    How to Give a unit the ability to fly

    Unit Flying Ability (The Right Way) Table of Contents Introduction The Problem The Solution Tips Wrap-Up IntroIntroduction This is quite a simple tutorial. I made it quite short and straight to the point because there's not much to say. Basically, what we've been doing to give units...
  3. Bribe

    Quick Tutorial - Common Triggering Tips

    [GUI]*Advanced Triggering Tips Advanced Triggering Tips Why I am writing this I see lots of GUI scripts which make the same mistakes again and again, whether it be by leaks or by adding work to the list that doesn't need to be added. Hopeful goals I hope GUI users will learn to pay better...
  4. SkriK

    Creep Respawn (GUI)

    Creep Respawn (GUI) - Difficulty: 3/10 ------------------------- Introduction This tutorial explains how to make units owned by a certain player to respawn at their original position after a given amount of time. The Tutorial ------------------------- Setup There are a few things...