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  1. AdityaHegde

    Problems with morph ability

    hello... i want an ability which has dual mode, has some passives (triggered) when cast, some other passives(triggered) when cast again... i used morph ability and set both normal and alternate forms to same unit. but when ever i use morph ability, there is a permanent base damage added...
  2. AdityaHegde

    Firing 2 weapons simultaneously, attribute update problem

    1. Is it possible for a unit to have 2 weapons that share same range and targets?? What i want is, a unit has 2 weapons, a gun and a missile launcher, missile launcher has a long period so when is recharging the unit must use gun. i added a timed buff equal to period of missile launcher...
  3. AdityaHegde

    2 item classes, melee and ranged

    Hello, I have 2 item classes, WeaponMelee, WeaponRanged... Weapons get added only through WeaponMelee...When i equip a WeaponRanged item nothing happens...If i change the item class of that item to WeaponMelee, it works... Also how to display 2 weapons on a hero???
  4. AdityaHegde

    [Solved] Windowed Interface Problem

    hello... i m making a windowed interface for inventory using trackables...i want to have the unit(villager model) with visible attachments(added thru abilities) the cam will be from top and i cant rotate a unit, i either need to rotate the model(with attach points) or i gotta change cam to...
  5. AdityaHegde

    [Solved] Minimum Casting Range

    Hello guys I am making an area targeted spell... I want to have a minimum range for it... if range is below minimum range cooldown shudnt b fired n no mana deducted... i tried ordering unit to 'stop' , 'holdposition' in the 'begins casting ability', didnt work :( pausing n unpausing also didnt...
  6. AdityaHegde

    switching between melee and ranged

    hello guys.... i hv a hero that has both ranged n melee attack animation.... i could switch thee animation but how do i make him switch between ranged n melee??? do i hv to use triggers or can i change the attack type to melee??
  7. AdityaHegde

    Help in map making

    Hey guys here is a map i made(partial) i need some debugging help.... m new to map making...this is my very 1st attempt!!! so pls bear with me if the questions r too noobish.... in it there is an ability i shower...showers metors of ice on random units.... it works only for 1st...