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  1. E

    Map Protection Details

    On Map Protection This tutorial will look at the pros and cons of map protection vs. open source, as well as what map protectors can do. First, let’s look at what your typical map protector does and what each of these steps mean: 1) Deletes World Editor Only files 2) Obfuscates map script 3)...
  2. Trokkin

    Some tips with vJass on Linux

    Credits go to Vex, without whom advise I would not manage to get everything else working. Criticism is welcomed. As for now, there's no modification (JNGP, Sharpcraft ext.) of World Editor that is able to run under WINE (at least for me), but JassHelper standalone still works almost flawlessly...
  3. Lordshinjo

    Hero passive transformation

    Goal The goal of this tutorial is to transform a hero passively (without using an active ability that could be disabled or interrupt his current order), without using the Chaos ability, since it is completely buggy and only usable with regular units. (see PitzerMike's brilliant Ability Guide...
  4. Chaosy

    Custom MPQ

    Custom MPQ tutorial step by step by Chaosy Introduction I have seen this question many times recently so I decided to make a short tutorial on how to do it. If you don't know anything about using a custom MPQ it basicly allows a multiplayer map to extend the 8 mb limit on We put...
  5. TriggerHappy

    How to Disable Game Pausing

    Table of contents Overview Triggering Game Interface DisablePause.w3x 1Overview In order to disable the pause feature you have to force the game to be paused three times. We can do this via thePauseGamenative as you can see below. The only problem with this is the game shows you...