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  1. MindWorX

    Complete Command-Line Arguments Guide

    These are the commands that are currently supported by Warcraft III, based on known information and some clever reverse engineering of the executables. Commands Video Mode Changing the video mode can sometimes be used to increase performance or make Warcraft III run better in other environments...
  2. A Void

    Cinematic Movies Tutorial

    Cinematic Movies Tutorial Tools: World Editor, Trigger Editor, Windows Registry Editor, Any Media Player. Difficulty: Advanced. This tutorial will be about cinematic movies, those beautiful cinematics that you see often at the beginning, end and the middle of single player campaigns. They are...
  3. pyf

    How to make Java OpenGL2 programs work (slowly) on Intel i915GM graphics (and more)

    The Problem: Intel i915GM graphics has poor OpenGL compatibility (full hardware support for 1.4 at best). The Solution: Use a MESA 3D precompiled dll, since it is OpenGL compatible. How: Just copy that dll file into the appropriate folder (depending on your OS): Program...
  4. A Void

    Warcraft 3 in Windows 10 OS

    Warcraft III in Windows 10 As some of you know that Windows 10 uses DirectX 12, which is incompatible with some of the older software, games and graphic drivers. Warcraft 3 was designed to work best with DirectX 8, as such it is more prone to weird graphical glitches, performance drops and some...
  5. E

    Map Protection Details

    On Map Protection This tutorial will look at the pros and cons of map protection vs. open source, as well as what map protectors can do. First, let’s look at what your typical map protector does and what each of these steps mean: 1) Deletes World Editor Only files 2) Obfuscates map script 3)...
  6. pyf

    3D Opening Screens / Campaign Screens in 16:9

    Hello, The goal of this tutorial is to make Blizzard's 3D opening screens and campaign screens fit for 16:9 resolutions (tested in 1280x768). (see comparisons the in attached images) This works with any WC3 version. It is not perfect, but I hope it will encourage people to discover perfect...