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  1. Fingolfin

    Exporting models from Blender using the MDL exporter plugin

    Creating and Exporting Warcraft MDL models with Blender By Fingolfin Have you ever wanted to create your own awesome 3D models for Warcraft 3? Up until now, the only officially supported tool has been 3ds Max5 with Blizzard's Art Tools plugin, which is problematic considering that this version...
  2. Filmting

    Competitive Melee Map

    Guidelines for a Competitive Melee Map By Filmting Introduction: In the following you will be able to read about what makes a Warcraft III melee map functional as a competitive map. One of the most important things in the meta-game for warcraft 3, is the maps themselves. If a map favours a...
  3. Bob27


    Contents Introduction Basics of a Cinematic Cameras Unit Transmissions Fade Filters Filters Terraining a Cinematic Enviroment and Atmosphere Battle Cinematics 1 vs 1 Battle Cinematics Animation Music and Sounds Leaks Credits Demo Cinematic IntroIntroduction This Tutorial...
  4. eubz

    Describing Your Melee Map

    While I was browsing the Pending Maps Section and looked into some melee/altered melee maps, some contents of their description isn't right so here I am specifying what should be the contents of a melee/altered melee map description. Describing Your Melee/Altered Melee Maps The Title This...
  5. eubz

    Creating Levels in a Defense Map

    Creating Levels in a Defense Map As I was checking the maps in the pending map's section, I found some defense/tower defense maps having so many triggers for levels. This is very tasky that is why, I intend to create this simple tutorial on how to create levels or spawns with few triggers at...
  6. eubz


    Geomerging eubz I would like to share to everyone, specially the new modelers, this technique in editing warcraft 3 models. This is basically just merging geosets from one model to the other. Simple yet needs patience and hard work to achieve the best result specially on editing the model using...
  7. sonofjay

    [Terraining] Alternative Pathing Technique

    Alternative Pathing Technique(For Lazy People) This tutorial will show you a new technique for creating pathing blockers so that you don't have to spam tiny ones all over your map. The benefit of this technique: Will greatly reduce doodad counts and for bigger map it will have less...
  8. eubz

    Editing Warcraft 3 Trees

    Editing Warcraft Trees Trees are important in every map as destructibles or as decorations. This is the reason why I created this tutorial. Tools Needed: 1. WC3 Viewer 2. MDLVis Contents 1. Extracting 2. Editing Extracting 1. Open WC3 Viewer. Look for the tree you wanted to...
  9. Arisato

    Passive ability with a cooldown (attack-based)

    Passive Abilities With Cooldown Introduction I seen many people posted some threads about it and most people who knew how to make a passive ability with a cooldown wouldn't answer it, so here are the tricks to do this yourself (example:Geminate Attack from DotA!(Well IceFrog's spell is...
  10. eubz

    Creating Doodads in Gmax (simple grass)

    MODELING DOODADS IN GMAX (Simple Grass) I suppose that you already know how to save in-game textures using the image extractors and also that you have the knowledge in exporting models using dexporter. I will not be including those things here because I know that there are already tutorials...
  11. Pyritie

    Off-site Tutorials

    A collection of tutorials that are not on the hive. Post links below!
  12. eubz

    Creating Attachment Weapon in Gmax using SPLines

    Creating Attachment Weapon in Gmax using SPLines Introduction Some modelers rely on creating objects from the standard primitives which made the smoothing not as good as expected. Creating a complex geoset can be created using splines, but I am not really sure if many of us, the modelers, know...
  13. eubz

    Basic Knowledge in Regions

    Basic Knowledge in Regions This tutorial is for new map makers who would like to learn the basics in using regions. With the examples given, I am sure that they can get information that regions are important in a map. What Are Regions? Regions are map cells used as...
  14. fladdermasken

    Enhancing the skies

    [Terraining]: Enhancing the skies A simple interactive guide for average terrainers hoping to reach the next level - By fladdermasken Chapter 1: Introduction & Required Tools1.1 Preamble1.2 The Ultimate Terraining Map 3.0 Chapter 2: Main 2.1 Terrain Fog 2.2 Clouds 2.3 Stormsphere...