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  1. Tasyen

    UI: OriginFrames

    Jump to Hiding Jump to ChildFrames Originframetypes are built in frames managing the default game ui. ORIGIN_FRAME_GAME_UI is our key to generate new container frames. In other tutorials and in many examples, ORIGIN_FRAME_GAME_UI is used as parent for custom created frames. That is done because...
  2. Cokemonkey11

    Insights - good architectural control flow

    This is a quick insight post about a topic that came out of my review of Paint Bomb v1.00 . My review notes: And @KILLCIDE is interested in my review in the context of becoming a better programmer. Among my critiques, I consider this the most important point (though possibly not the most...
  3. A Void

    Anti-aliasing in War3 Tutorial

    Anti-Aliasing in Warcraft 3 Tools: Windows OS, Graphics Card Control Panel Difficulty: Easy This tutorial will be about enabling and using anti-aliasing in Warcraft III. What is Anti-Aliasing? Definitions: Video Card - A video card (also called a video adapter, display card, graphics...
  4. WaterKnight

    Disable an ability for a specific hero/unit

    Exposition Blizzard offers the jass function SetPlayerAbilityAvailable or in GUI Player - Enable/Disable Ability which allows us to hide/disable an ability from the command card of a unit. In contrast to UnitRemoveAbility or in GUI Unit - Remove Ability the cooldown of the...
  5. MindWorX

    How to run maps with high gamespeed

    This was a neat trick i found out today. I've always been annoyed that blizzard gave the AI editor a "Speed" parameter, but didn't add it to the regular editor. Usually you can only test "Melee" maps with high speed, but now i found a way to do it with triggered maps too. Open the map you...