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  1. Hound Archon

    Drunken Orc

    i didnt know what to do with the ears
  2. Hound Archon


    ye the nose heeh i'll upload my model to it
  3. Hound Archon


    i forgot to rezise them and i couldnt delete them again :oops:
  4. H

    BTNAlcoholStrength (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  5. Hound Archon

    BTNAlcoholStrength (Icon)

  6. Hound Archon


    no recolor, only the legs since they were a pain to make them trollish
  7. Hound Archon

    Drunken Orc

    thanks dude, i was thinking about making the staff metal
  8. H

    Troll (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  9. Hound Archon

    Troll (Texture)

    Its a troll man hunta!??!?! yes it is a troll man hunta!?!?!? Keywords: Demon Hunter, Troll Man Hunta, Troll, My nose is huge
  10. H

    Drunken Orc (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  11. Hound Archon

    Drunken Orc (Texture)

    Have fun guys and girls :) The Path: Units\Creeps\PandarenBrewmaster\PandarenBrewMaster.blp Keywords: Pandaren, panda, brew, master, drunkard, drunk, beer, ale, orc, shaman, warrior, bard, barbarian
  12. Hound Archon


  13. Hound Archon


    the path is:TerrainArt\Dalaran\Dalaran_SquareTiles.blp
  14. Hound Archon


    well im working on a human version right now.
  15. Hound Archon


    you wont notice from game view.. and rezising the legs.. i would have to change the model.. so no
  16. Hound Archon


    the path is Textures\Ranger.blp since it isnt a new model or mdl edited one... it uses the rangers/archer from the night elfs
  17. Hound Archon


    yes.. i saw there was around 7? tilesets in there so i though i'd be making some more.. though it has been created with filters
  18. Hound Archon


    not neccesarily it came out pretty good and terrain is very hard to do in the hand.. atleast for me.. but thanks for constructive critiscm
  19. Hound Archon


    that was what it eas meant for btw
  20. Hound Archon


    yeah happy new year!!! :D (not to offend, people always think)
  21. Hound Archon


    "that" frostmourne is copied from another skin called Frostmourn.blp
  22. Hound Archon


    dont cnp... do it in freehand.. it gives it a better look :lol:
  23. Hound Archon


    I know i didnt actually skin it i only used filters!
  24. H

    Dalaran_RoundTiles3 (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  25. Hound Archon

    Dalaran_RoundTiles3 (Texture)

    the tileset it the light one Keywords: dalaran, square, tile, round
  26. H

    Dalaran_SquareTiles1 (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  27. Hound Archon

    Dalaran_SquareTiles1 (Texture)

    the tile i submitted is the dark one Keywords: dalaran, square, tile, round
  28. H

    Ranger23 (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  29. Hound Archon

    Ranger23 (Texture)

    An elf..thing..