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  1. moosenoir

    Homemade Video - Be A Hero

    Mount & Blade - Napoleonic Wars Since one of the most epic things to do in this game is to breach via the boat, I immedietly wanted to make a video featuring the massacre that it truly is to take the boat. [inactive] If you like it, please share...
  2. moosenoir

    Loading Screen request!
  3. moosenoir

    Arathi Basin style map (help!)

    So you have to cap points, and the more points your teams possess, the more points you get, the 1st team to reach xx wins. So i'm having some problems doing this, but let me explain how i (tried) to do this. I made an integer variable for each team. When a unit enters a region, roughly what...
  4. moosenoir

    Arathi Basin style map (help!)

    Nvm wrong section
  5. moosenoir

    Where is the "create variable" button?

    I'm used to WC3Editor. Can't seem to find it? EDIT: It's for a integer variable. It need to be activated when a unit enters a region.
  6. moosenoir

    Warrior PvP video (mine)

    Hey, tell me what you think. Constructive critisicm please. :)
  7. moosenoir

    Halo 1 Pro (not) montage

    Hey me and my mates did a little parody on the MLG halo montages, you know, the ones with shouting commentators etc etc. Hope you enjoy, keeping halo 1 alive lol. I did it mostly to learn some more about Sony Vegas, keeping my so called editing...
  8. moosenoir

    How to change a units model?

    Title says it all. I want a marauder to look like Hammer Security since i cant find the merc version in the data editor :S
  9. moosenoir

    How do i make space tiles?

    How do i make space look beneath my space station tiles?
  10. moosenoir

    How do i make this..?

    When your right- or leftclick, you attack, and damages everyone in front of you (Would like to to work as melee) I've seen many maps having this and really wanting it too. Triggers should be in GUI not some script because i can simply not work with that :P Thanks and +rep.
  11. moosenoir

    Map reset?

    I've seen so many projects started already and people working hard already. I heard something 'bout they will wipe maps on release? I mean, you have to start over or something? DO NOT come with stupid answers, i just want a clear answer, because then i wanna start now :D
  12. moosenoir

    Loading up maps error

    Hey i dont know if im the only one, but when i try to load up af third person map for example, or whatever it could be, the loading just stops when its done. I open the file, the loading starts, when its done the screen with the sc2 map logo disappears and it just stops there. I hope its a...
  13. moosenoir

    Darkfall - I want some answers by a pro

    Hey, i think Darkfall looks interesting, and think it would a awesome game to play with my dudes from mah class. It looks epic with those giant play made wars, and it would be awesome to make your own clan, and rape other towns. Anyway, i would like to know some stuff from one who knows about...
  14. moosenoir

    Skin Request (Villager) +REP

    O hai people! I am currently looking for a skin that overwrites the villager model. (Need it to overwrite the villager with 40 animations) Im making a map that is based on stealth, and assassination. What im looking for is a skin that has a white shirt (leather kinda) normal brown legs black...
  15. moosenoir

    Help with this spell, +rep

    Hey How do i make a spell that will do following: When i press it, it shoots in a straight line, the way im facing. The point is to make a shoot ability to a crysis map im making. When the shoot hits a person, it would be nice if some blood appeared :) Thanks in advance guys! +rep if...
  16. moosenoir

    Recent bans?

    lols, not anyone. Why is frostwhispher, void and some more guys i cant remember banned? What have they done? I have been inactive for a little time, i missed it. ________ Gatubela694u cam
  17. moosenoir

    Empire Wars 2.0 NexGen (RTS)

    Empire Wars 2.0 NexGen Real Time Strategy My brother and I, is working on this new RTS, which is a follow up to the old Empire Wars map. (Made in 2007, sucky terrain and spelling etc.) After playing it for fun over, celebrating that we now were able to host maps online, me and my older...
  18. moosenoir

    How do i make these cliffs?

    How do i make these raised cliffs? Hey, i was wondering how you make those straight raised cliffs? i have an example from everwood. Thanks :) ________ Live sex
  19. moosenoir

    How do i make a floating text fade?

    Hello people! i need help with a simple simple trigger.. I cast a spell, i want to get a floating text appearing, saying the spell name, above casting unit, then it should fade and disappear, like in 2 secs or so. thanks! i have already tried, and that failed. the text just flew around the...
  20. moosenoir

    I need this 1 icon! Can anyone make me this icon? Thanks in advance :) ________ Ocean View Condo
  21. moosenoir

    How do i make a straight upwards cliff?

    How do i make a complete straight cliff? I've seen in some maps (everwood for example), that the "raise" tool, can raise the ground so it become completely straight? ________ VAPORIZER REVIEW
  22. moosenoir

    How do i make custom bridges? {my heroes can never walk through them}

    hey, i saw alot of maps where there are custom imported bridges. Every time i try, making the imported bridge over a normal bridge, my heroes can never walk by them :O Can you guys help me? What am i doing wrong? ________ LIVE SEX WEBSHOWS
  23. moosenoir

    I need a rpg model (simple)

    Why hello there! I am in need of a RPG Model. I have checked Tenebraes models, and they are good. But the problem is his animations. I need a model that attacks if he had a shield and wep, or 2 1h weps :) So if anyone knows a model or can make me one, in the same style as Tenebraes HUMAN hero...
  24. moosenoir

    XP Bar needed, enter!

    Can anyone give me a link/create a experience bar for me? Im bored of the regular purple XP Blizz one, so just a blue, red whatever, just something different! It's for Hysteria ORPG, my current project! I will give ingame credit if wished, and rep. ________ HEAD SHOP
  25. moosenoir

    Project: Hysteria ORPG

    Hysteria ORPG Hello everybody, it's moosenoir speaking. Me and my small team of IRL friends, (Mpcopy, Freso, Bvand, Night-Course and me) have started on a new ORPG, that we have called Hysteria ORPG. Many of you might say that this project never will be done, and that might be true, but it's...
  26. moosenoir

    I need this picture as minimap image .tga :) i will give credit I need it for my modern warfare map. Thanks in advance! I will give ingame credit if you wish. ________ Laguna Bay II Condominium Pattaya
  27. moosenoir

    Answer this question, about shockwave please! :)

    Hello everyone, how do i make a shockwave, where the earth under the shockwave, dont "rumble". So it's just the projectil. :) Thanks ________ How to roll blunts
  28. moosenoir

    Need save load system. Enter please

    Hello! Moosenoir speaking. I need a save / load system, that are able to save the hero, into another map. I mean im making a ORPG, and when i make an update, i dont want all people to start all over again. So when the new update comes, i can load my old hero, with items, spells, gold and...
  29. moosenoir

    [Trigger] Reviving System - Help me!

    Hello, i need a system. I am making a RPG, where there appears "battlegrounds". I dont want, that when people dies in the battleground, they ress in a city. Can anyone make a system, where if you die, in the battleground region, you will ress there? I would really appreciate it...
  30. moosenoir

    How do i play a campaign? :O enter please

    Hello there! :) I know it's a stupid question.. I got a campaign file i wanna play, how do i play it? set it into the maps files? ________ ARETHA live
  31. moosenoir

    Need advanced Save Load! Please enter! :)

    Hello! Moosenoir speaking. I need a save / load system, that are able to save the hero, into another map. I mean im making a ORPG, and when i make an update, i dont want all people to start all over again. So when the new update comes, i can load my old hero, with items, spells, gold and...
  32. moosenoir

    Make a system like this - GUI!

    hello i got a map here, it has the perfect system, but it's jass!!!!!!! So i cant import it into my map without trouble.. please if you can, gui this or just tell me what i must edit in the text so it works in my map! thanks ________ AVANDIA LAWSUIT INFORMATION
  33. moosenoir

    floating text show for each player?

    hello! im making a third person rpg map, so when i use a floating text trigger, everyone can see it :( i need the floating text only be shown for each player, how can i do that? i have a damage system where it shows my damage, that only shows for me! ________ Buy Roor Bongs
  34. moosenoir

    Need help: % Damage done trigger! + credit in game

    Hello! I was wondering, could anyone show me how to make a system, that when you are attacking a npc monster (still targeting yourself), if a little floating text over your head, or a game text that first will disapear after the creep is dead, says: <Name of creep/player> - 56% for example...
  35. moosenoir

    How do i make day all the time?

    How do i make my map show the day time and never night in my map? It must be a shiny map :) ________ Toyrider
  36. moosenoir

    Need an "skin" explanation!! Please enter

    Need an &quot;skin&quot; explanation!! Please enter I got a cool skin, but i dont know how i use it as a model? Cant i like.. set it on a unit and use it in game? If so, please let me know how? - Moosenoir ________ WWW.VAPORIZERS.COM
  37. moosenoir

    Need 3 icons! + credit!

    Hello everyone! i need 3 simple icons, i got the pic. the first is: second: and the last!: I need these...
  38. moosenoir

    [Trigger] Guild system?

    Anyone know how to create a multiboard-based guild/clan window? Every guild should could take like 6 players or something, and if it's possible: Show if member are offline or online (Online: in this game right now, offline: not :P) The guild information is saved with a save load code (If...
  39. moosenoir

    Stranglethorn Vale RPG

    Hello im working on a STV RPG project. (Stranglethorn Vale). Stranglethorn Vale is a zone in WoW, that i choosed to make an ORPG out of, of course the raid instance Zul Gurrub will appear in the map. The point of the map is like all other ORPG in the start, to level up and get basic gear. End...
  40. moosenoir

    [Trigger] Pet system

    Hello! Anyone know how i can make a hunter / pet system like the one in wow? So if i run, my pet will follow. When i attack a creep, the the pet will attack it too. When the creep is dead, the pet start follow me again. And i dont need it as map ini just set the pet to follow, It's when i buy...
  41. moosenoir

    [Trigger] Roll system

    Can anyone make me a system that when i type -roll, a random number between 1-100 shows? i think it simple (easy for me to say..) Thanks! ________ GLASS PIPE PICTURES
  42. moosenoir

    [Trigger] Multiboard Chatbox

    Can anyone make a system, that when i type something, it will be shown in a multiboard called "Chatroom" ?. Then if another write something like 4 times the first will get overwrited. I tried myself and it just not working. +rep to any who helps Thanks! ________ BONNYRED LIVE
  43. moosenoir

    Stealth Detection

    Is there any way i can make this: Im in stealth / wind walk whatever, when i go (for example 100 range) of a target, i become visible for them, but im still in the stealth form, i mean im my model still looks like im in stealth, but because im too near the target, he will be able to slightly...
  44. moosenoir

    Need a custom EXP Bar

    Hi! Anyone who got a custom bar, or can make one? That would realy be nice, i need it for my goblin rpg; Stranglethorn Vale RPG. I want it to be very special, and i never tried to have a custom EXP bar. So please, say where i can get one or if u wanna make something. Want more info, just...
  45. moosenoir

    Inventory / Backpack Sytem?

    :fp: Anyone know how to make an extra inventory spots in your backpack, so when u click on it, there will be opened a new inventory with 5 spots (6 ofc but one is the "go back" button if u know what i mean :P). The items in the extra backpack should also work on ur hero even if your not in that...
  46. moosenoir

    Attack Range

    Where do i set creeps attack range down? (So if i stand like 2445 meters from the mob it still attacks? :P) ________ Web Shows
  47. moosenoir

    Quest help (2) :P

    How do i make a item only purchaseable one time? I am basing my quests over items. i will give rep. ________ Live Sex
  48. moosenoir

    Need help with quests

    Can anyone tell how to make quest systems? Like kill 10 bears then when u return it the question mark will disappear? That would realy be helpful! +rep ofc. -Moosenoir ________ Claude4Sammy
  49. moosenoir

    Lower size on music?

    Hi! i have some music that i would like to get into my Goblin map, the problem is that the size is like 24594325 mb :O.. so if anyone knows a way to get the size down it would be nice! ________ VAPE INFO