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  1. Archian

    That's on the todo list. But next theme will most likely be undead or human. After that we move...

    That's on the todo list. But next theme will most likely be undead or human. After that we move over to Starcraft. Protoss and Zerg are almost in a ready state for implementation.
  2. Archian

    Open Staff Positions

    Greetings everyone! We hope you've all had a wonderful holiday and ready to start a new year! We have many things planned for Hive in 2022 and can't wait to start the next chapter in Hive's history. However, as the site grows, so does the need for more staff members. Below you will find a...
  3. Archian

    Hobbit Pack (Lotr)

    Very useful pack. Thanks for sharing with the community! Keep up the good work :)
  4. Archian

    Coldheart Garithos

    Approved. Thanks for providing an ingame screenshot.
  5. Archian

    New Style: Orc

    Throm-Ka! Ralle and myself have been working on expanding Hive's style options. Members can now choose an Orc-themed forum style. Know that the style is still 'work in progress', but we thought we would share it with you guys, to get feedback and get it out before Christmas. Select the...
  6. Archian

    Resource Spotlight - Dwarf Sound Pack

    Incredibly talented voice acting. Lovely pack! Thanks for sharing this with the community!
  7. Archian

    Gnome Gate and Wall

    Extremely useful :)
  8. Archian

    Community Shirt Out Now

    Do send pictures when you get them :)
  9. Archian

    Skeleton Warriors (pack I)

    Great addition! Love the extra animations. A attack spin animation wouldn't hurt either ;) Perhaps also consider adding more variations of the skeleton archer and mage? :)
  10. Archian

    Go for it :)

    Go for it :)
  11. Archian

    Good idea.

    Good idea.
  12. Archian

    Hehe that was idea. The inspiration for the buttons was from the Warcraft 3 installer which had...

    Hehe that was idea. The inspiration for the buttons was from the Warcraft 3 installer which had a hotkeys highlighted by white color.
  13. Archian

    🎄🎄 The Night Elf Before Christmas 🎄🎄

    Glad we could bring you guys some nostalgia. We sure loved working on this again. And we have more on the way, that was planned years ago. So stay tuned for more! That is correct, the "Reforged" theme was inspired by the original Warcraft 3 installer menu. Ralle just called the theme Reforged.
  14. Archian

    Skeleton Warriors (pack I)

    Nice pack. Love more variations to the skeletons. These will work great with new textures such as ReturnedCaptain.blp or with FLICKERING LIGHT - Horror Texture Pack. I do miss some more variations in this pack, though. Please do update this pack with more <3
  15. Archian

    Black Bear (DruidOfTheClaw)

    Approved as Useful / Simple. Please correct me if this is not a recolor.
  16. Archian

    Wrath of the Dragon - Chapter Two now live!

    I will take a look at this project during this weekend if I have time.
  17. Archian

    Medieval Wall

    Very useful. Maybe add a gate as well? :)
  18. Archian

    Sure :)

    Sure :)
  19. Archian

    Looks awesome! Holy shit :O

    Looks awesome! Holy shit :O
  20. Archian

    Updated Icon for User Interface resources and Templates.

    Updated Icon for User Interface resources and Templates.
  21. Archian


    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  22. Archian

    Oak Tree

    Nice, looks good ingame.
  23. Archian

    Dead Tree

    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  24. Archian


    Please correct me if this is not a recolor. Approved as Useful / Simple.
  25. Archian

    Nuclear Chemist Sapper

    Cool concept. Decent highlights and shading. Handled the wrap nicely. Good composition of colors. Thanks for providing an ingame screenshot.
  26. Archian

    Frozen Centaur

    Decent highlights and shading. The centaur has a horrible wrap, but you did a good job. I would suggest using the model as linked to above for this texture. Thanks for providing an ingame screenshot.
  27. Archian


    Please let me know if that was freehand or CnP. Approved as Useful / Simple.
  28. Archian


    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  29. Archian

    Wooden Bridge Covering

    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  30. Archian

    Chaos Shaman

    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  31. Archian


    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  32. Archian


    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  33. Archian

    Corruption Tileset

    Nice and useful.
  34. Archian

    Arthas (Black Prince)

    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  35. Archian

    Skin for AncientProtector (Fall Color)

    Useful and looks good.
  36. Archian

    Satyr Soulstealer

    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  37. Archian

    Recolored Jaina (Netflix version)

    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  38. Archian

    Chaos Peon

    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  39. Archian

    Chaos Far Seer

    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  40. Archian

    Village Fashion Pack

    Nice and useful.
  41. Archian

    Shovel knight

    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  42. Archian

    Black Satyr

    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  43. Archian

    Hozen Buildings

    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  44. Archian

    gutz Draenei

    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  45. Archian

    Dark Ruins: Round Tiles

    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  46. Archian

    DarkRuins: GSquareTiles

    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  47. Archian

    Dark Ruins: Small Bricks

    Approved as Useful / Simple.
  48. Archian


    Nice. Looks good ingame.
  49. Archian

    Jungle Troll Trapper Skullface Bloodig

    Approved as Useful / Simple.