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  1. MaxFlax

    can't open my map!

    When I try to open it, it says not enough storage to run this file, what to do?? Edit: This also happen when i click it in-game!
  2. MaxFlax

    Spell Ideas!

    Hello, I'm making a new map and need ideas for it. I need simple spells in this categories: None for now There may come more requests later Note:It's not hero spells and they should be damage related It also needs to be GUI
  3. MaxFlax

    Battle of the Factions

    Hello, currently I got a map with very easy triggered spells and such. I need help to make it better, I mostly need help with spells, more information here:
  4. MaxFlax

    Battle of The Factions!

    Battle of The Factions is an arena map where you pick a unit and use it's ability to defeat the enemies. When you die u pick a new unit and so on. When you have enough points you can upgrade a unit-type! Please download it and review it, suggest things and say how to fix eventually bugs...
  5. MaxFlax

    Homing Shockwave

    I'm making an arena type map where one of the units is going to have an abillity which follows the target
  6. MaxFlax

    Why Doesn't this spell work?

    Knocback Copy Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Deathpull Actions Set Caster0 = (Triggering unit) Set Target_Copy = (Target unit of ability being cast) Set LoopCounter_Copy =...