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  1. robizeratul

    I will review anything. Post your map here

    Been playing for a long time, maybe too long... Hope this thread will help current and future map map makers. I want to give back to the community. Post your map and I will play it, trying to give you the best and most comprehensive review I can. Rules: 1)One map at a time. Preferable...
  2. robizeratul

    What are some core features every modern W3 map needs?

    I am thinking of these things: -Camera option (zoom in/zoom out) -a Backpack if it's an RPG with many items -repick ...What else ?
  3. robizeratul

    What are the oldest Warcraft 3 maps?

    The oldest map I can find here is from january 2005. THe oldest one from epicwar is february 2005. Considering reign of chaos was released july 2002, that's quite a gap. Anyone have any maps from that era? Any old archived websites or other stuff like that? curios what people played back then.
  4. robizeratul

    Sunken City MASTER guide!

    Hello! ( WORK IN PROGRESS! ) As the title suggest, I want to make this the best guide for Sunken city! A big problem arises with such a project, Sunken city always changes. I remember a friend not understanding how people can play WoW for years and not get bored. Just like WoW this map is...
  5. robizeratul

    Help find obscure W3 map: Runes of Daerk.(W3 incgamers)

    Here's an archive page: The Unofficial Warcraft III Maps and Mods Site Played this map years and years ago but now it's gone. What are the chances of someone sharing it ? What about an archive of that website. So many cool maps where lost forever...Can't find them anywhere.
  6. robizeratul

    Legends ORPG

    So, you can download the map here: There is a special feature, if you complete this map ( you get a code to a secret hero... Problem is, it doesn't work. I just finished it twice ( just to be sure) and nothing...
  7. robizeratul

    Choose own skill fun mode

    It would be cool to make the game less "serious " and more fun. Basically choose any hero in the beginning of the turn ( Can choose 2-3 of the same main stat) and start with 6 lumber. Have the option to choose 6 random skills of any combination(even ultis or only passives). How it can be...
  8. robizeratul

    Warcraft maps hall of fame

    ********the purpose of thread is to help find cool maps that where forgotten.I realize the website has a "sorting" feature***** ********I will count the votes one week from this day,thank you for reading******* After playing "The devil made me do it" map that's at least 6-7 years old I got the...
  9. robizeratul

    help me find a map please

    IT's a huge RPG map,but I don't remember much. -It's quite complex,advanced crafting and stuff like that -You attack with Q and you have a stamina bar -map is massive -green crystals for teleport Hope someone will know,please help me out.I will write more if I remember
  10. robizeratul

    What map would you revive?

    I'm sure a lot of you guys have many cool memories about warcraft,but there is no greater pain that seeing a map you once loved "die" I have to questions for you 1)What map would you revive? 2)how would you make it better? 1) the map I would really like to play again is The black road...
  11. robizeratul

    city building maps

    I enjoy games like Anno or settlers you know any cool W3 maps where you need to build stuff and manage your city/castle ? There are two maps I know of...The first one is Heroes and Empires,it's a very cool map indeed! Please help me find the other,I don't remember it's name...all I...
  12. robizeratul

    all quests

    it would be awesome to have a lists with all quests.I love this map but I just can't progress.I can't find master Keijii and the flowers.Could someone please make a list of quests with some basic information as to how to complete them?This could be very useful for a lot of people! thanks a lot!
  13. robizeratul

    W3 Generals

    The idea is simple.(everything I say is just a variable,the map having many mods) 1-make the battlefields.The more the better.Each one has different characteristics and has pros and cons. 2-Each player has 10 food.He can choose units but not less then 3 and not more than 6(depending on...