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  1. MageOfDeath

    Hosting on warcraft 3 now

    So, with the removal of bots, what now? Is there any tools that allow you to have stats when you self-host? To an extent, it's nice that bots are gone, but now there are so many games ruined by leavers/griefers that it makes me wish we could go back to how it was. Does someone also have a...
  2. MageOfDeath

    Is there some kind of raw meat model?

    Is there some kind of raw meat model? ive looked.. but the only one i could find was one with a virus init and a massive poly scale... i need the model for a survival map.
  3. MageOfDeath


    Well im making a map called Tuskarr Villages. It's a survival map kinda like Troll tribes... there are 2 Tuskarr Tribes consisting of 8 players and 2 human players in a big icey world of Tuskatar... The map has been made... just pending on custom models... Some interesting features Peinguin...
  4. MageOfDeath

    Settlers 3 !!! Models i need

    Ok im making a Settlers 3 map... which is similar to island settlers but that map was rubbish as it was based on the 5th one anyway i need pretty much the whole roman race models from the game into warcraft 3. If you have played settlers 3 or 4 it would really help.. settlers 5 is very diffrent...
  5. MageOfDeath

    Building waygates problem

    Ok im making a map... i have 2 teams that require two way gates.. i have made them.. but their are 2 units that have to build the waygates but i need to get the buildable one to go the a already made one and that one to the buildable one... i just cannot get the right code... can anyone help me?