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  1. Water_Bender

    Combat Training!!

    This map is called Combat Training. It is not finished yet so this is just a beta test. Many more things are to be added. The polt of this is: You trying out to join into a school, where you can learn various combat abilitites, you must complete various challenges to get in. This game has...
  2. Water_Bender

    Combat Training!

    My map is called Combat Training, and I made it with some help from a few friends. This is map is still in a beta test version 1.6. Version 2 will be the first real version I will release onto battle net. So this is the basically the plot: You have just been accpected into a prestigious...
  3. Water_Bender

    Request for wave spell!!

    Intro: Hello there, this is my request if you are interested... Project: I am making a Avatar game yes a Avatar game and I need this custom spell becuase the missle art does not go for waterfall. Request: I need a spell that has the base of shockwave but shoots out a wave not like chrushing...
  4. Water_Bender

    Model help!

    Ok, so I want to change a abilitie lets say crushing wave to actally shoot out a waterfall but when I change the missle art to waterfall then test it in game it does not work. How do I make it so it shoots out a waterfall instead of what it normal shoots out?
  5. Water_Bender

    Request for Water or Air spell.

    Intro: Hello my name is Water_Bender and I am looking for a water or air spell. Project: My project I am working on is game about four elements and fighting. The four elements are "Water, Earth, Fire, and Air" Request: My request is for a Water Spell or a Air spell. Name: I am not sure what...
  6. Water_Bender

    Request for Air Spell

    Intro/project: My name is Water_Bender and I am currently working on a Avatar game. I have some of the terrian set up and the triggers are not too hard anymore so I just need help on some spells. Request: I want a clean (no leaks if possible) Air spell. Type: Air Spell Details: I was...
  7. Water_Bender

    Custom Abilities!!!

    How to I make custom abilities ( The custom ones on this website aren;t the ones I am looking for) Can anyone tell me how or link a website that tells how please? :hohum: