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  1. thaull

    Change damage from ?-?

    If a unit had 135-150 damage, is there a way to make it... let's say 75-150, or even 1-150?
  2. thaull

    Unit Size?

    How do I make a unit smaller or bigger?
  3. thaull

    Questions about the clicker

    Is there a way to be able to walk by holding the mouse button instead of clicking to walk? Is there a way to change the walk from right mouse button to left and skills from left mouse button to right? Is there a way to be able to select a skill and keep it selected instead of having to...
  4. thaull

    Starting an ORPG unlike any other ORPG out there. I have some questions.

    I'm creating an ORPG map that is fast paced. Has hopefully memorable boss fights and dungeons since I spent days on my first and friends said it looked amazing and the terrain where the boss fight would take place looked amazing too. The enemies die realisticly fast and the attacks never take...
  5. thaull

    Can't host Warcraft 3 games. I even portforwarded

    My modem is Westell E90-610015-06 I portforwarded it. 6112-6119 I try hosting and get nothing. Is there something I'm missing?