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    Avatar of Ice

    Note: When starting a new speech for a unit during a cinematic, be sure not to mkake them repeat what they say.(e.g: Then the demon died. Then..... Then the demon died. It is a small but hopeful victory for allof us.)
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    LichKing Arthas

    I'd prefer the wotLK Lich king than the most downloaded lich king and this Lich king. But, who cares!
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    Actually this Medivh skin looks like More-powered Medivh!
  4. Daeku346


    Although its Cahronlike, please update to look like HDMEdivh or save a backup of this skin and youse the unbackedup skin. Or you can just recolor the eyes.
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    I meant Last Guardian of Tirisfal Medivh not Vine Zombie Thingy Medivh!
  6. Daeku346

    Lich King Spellpack v1.03

    UBERCOOL!!!!! But can you replace the two arthas model into lich king from WOTLk
  7. Daeku346

    Barathrum the Spirit Breaker Spells v1.1

    Actually removing the waits is not good, as it show that instantly the Spirit Breaker will charge instantly, not preparing for Charge. Create new waits and its 5/5.
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    Anubarak campaign

    Barf this! No Fade Effects, No Deselects on units, NO NOTHING! F*** This! It Sucks!
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    Another bug (Will edit if not). When you skip the cinematic at chapter one (will check if not the other chapters), it shows that you didn't enable "Fixed player settings at the World Editor. Info about everything when you skip the cinematic in chapter one will be missing. If you found out that...
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    Good job on this, man. Rated it 5/5 since it really resembles the actual Deathwing in Cata, but fix the alternate animations since when you use alternate animation of this model, Deathwing's tail sinks in to the ground ingame. But Anyway, COOL MODEL!:thumbs_up:
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    A simple way to do this other than the UVMapping and stuff, is open any image editing program, especially The Gimp and Photoshop. Convert the Felguard texture (Or Convert the red felguard, it doesnt matter.)into a Tga file format. Open Gimp and open a human skin. Use the dropper thingy so the...
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    Inferno Knight

    Model looks like UndeathKnight just top of it.
  13. Daeku346

    Demon Knight

    In Diablo 3 New Tristam (for warcarft 3 frozen throne), animations for its king leoric are the same with this model. 5/5.
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    Didn't work on mine. Installed it properly but when i open it it says "Unable to locate target to patch". Can somebody fix this?
  15. Daeku346

    AI Editor

    For those who think that when creating an AI with all building, attacking and conditions and stuff, when you create starting units(Not the workers and the Main Building, everything.), you think that the AI will still use the one you created while there are already the requirements, doubling the...
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    War3 Model Editor

    I hope there is a newer version MUCH MORE cooler than this. Such as UVMapping, Creating Stand-alone models.(Serouisly, when making a model in Magos model editor, arthas's head will appear always even when a other head geoset like a mountain king is used.)That's only i co0uld think of doing.
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    War3 Model Editor

    It has everything! Model Editor, camera manager, geosets and more! The hard way of removing weapons can also be done here. (The easy way is alpha skinning. The ALTERNATE easy way is to remove the weapon geoset as long as the weapon geoset IS only the weapon.)
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    Battle for Souls 5.5 Eng

    Could you at least provide an AI if you don't have a human player?
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    Bloodelf Wizard

    Hey Frankster! Can i edit it?
  20. Daeku346

    Ogre Bonecrusher; Ogre Iron Fist

    JJ Flip! What a zip! Maybe in real life one gentle hit and KKKKK! BONE CRUSHED! 5/5 MAN!
  21. Daeku346

    The Lich King

    His used walk animation shows that his really walking, even at times when i increase a custom unit with this model, he is really walking. 5/5 even when i dont like his walk animation at sometimes. THNX!
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    Arthas/Nerzhul merge - Lich king Arthas

    Cool model. But, when i viewed the model using Magos Model Editor, his head disappeared. Even in-game, he doesn't have a head. Only in the Portrait he has a head. Also, his spell animation shows that he's holding a spellbook, much like the original arthas model. I for once saw a Hero Death...
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    I've been searching for any available models in one of my maps, commonly DIII Bastion's Keep. I don't like their face being all black. Also, i played Angel Arena Last (You Don't know this and good for you if you know.) and in the arena a old version of this angel model without his heavenly sword...
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    Arch Angel - Elenai.

    It's uber cool. but, i rate it 4/5. Why because: Attack animations different from stand animations. But, anyway cool model! It just made my day!
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    Gryphon Hero

    Cool. Just made my day!
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    Problems using a skin

    See hive's tutorials: How to: Import a skin. it's said there that you have the skin. Import it to the map and rename the war3imported prefix into the desired path.
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    Oh. and don't worry for the portrait, follow my steps on top. I forgot to mention, rename the model you replaced with this. Thrallnowolf.mdx rename Thrall.mdx in the mpq editor. When you rename the name of this model, the original thrall rider portrait will b e available for use.
  28. Daeku346


    For more fun, download Ladik's MPQ Editor. Find this model (or download it and save it in a specific path). Then, open the main mpq. (War3.mpq) find this thrall model and replace it with the thrall that rides his wolf and you're done! a thrall without his pet wolf. (Don't get mad if you don't...
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    Another question: About Mounting

    Sorry if i repeat it.
  30. Daeku346

    Another question: About Mounting

    Make triggers like: Unit - Order UNIT to move to REGION(The Horse must be near that region). Unit - Remove UNIT from the game. UNit - Replace HORSEUNIT with MOUNTEDHORSEUNIT. NOTE: The unit removed from the game must be the same model when that 'Removed' unit is mounting the horse.
  31. Daeku346

    Another question: About Mounting

    Make triggers like: Unit - Order UNIT to move to REGION(The Horse must be near that region). Unit - Remove UNIT from the game. UNit - Replace HORSEUNIT with MOUNTEDHORSEUNIT. NOTE: The unit removed from the game must be the same model when that 'Removed' unit is mounting the horse.
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    Trigger problem maybe?

    See the tower defense FAQ's in tutorials section.
  33. Daeku346

    A simple way to greatly reduce Object Editor lag!

    Very great tip. I'm always pissed off why Object Editor is sloppy always
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    Problems with custom mass upgrades based off the Berserker Upgrade in world editor

    Hello. I'm just new here in THW. Can you explain why i create a custom mass upgrade based of the Berserker Upgrade for the orcs? I changed it into my settings and tried it out. But, it didn't work! Can you explain this to me? i would appreciate a lot.
  35. Daeku346

    Why map super lag

    Me too. Maybe try to low the resolution a bit. If this is not the case, Try freeing up some disk space. If this is still not the case, maybe also a problem about the map you just made.