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  1. NinjasDontFight

    [WIP] Getting Started With The WE

    General WE Tips and Tutorials QuicklistTop Getting Started Early Off Getting Familiar FAQ Terraining (Basics) Terraining (Advanced) Smooth Rivers Recommended Tilesets Good Fog, Weather, Sky Getting StartedTag The World Editor is a very powerfull tool made by Blizzard. It allows you to...
  2. inverted

    All About Multiboards

    All About MultiboardsEverything you need to know about multiboards, by Inverted [Please if this helps you, throw me some rep] I.IntroductionII.Setting Up Your MultiboardIII.Customizing / Updating Your MultiboardIV.Hero Icons V.TimersVI.GetLocalPlayer (A different multiboard for every player)...
  3. HermanTheGibbon

    The Ultimate Beginners Terrain Tutorial

    THE ULTIMATE BEGINNERS TERRAIN TUTORIAL PAGE I OF II By HermanTheGibbon TERRAIN CONTENTS: Main Structure: Hills Valleys Cliffs Mountains Water Features: Still Water Thermal Pools/Springs Flowing Rivers Waterfalls INTRODUCTION Hello all :thumbs_up: Welcome to THE...
  4. DenZel94

    Tooltip Tutorial

    This is a tutorial about tooltips and related subjects. So you may ask these: What are "TOOLTIPS"? Tooltips are what you see and read when you try to learn an ability, try to buy a unit or item, try to use an item or ability and information of a certain item or ability, passive or...
  5. Doctor-Pepper

    Basic Mapping Video Tutorial

    I've created a basic video tutorial for people who want to make maps but just dont know where to start. You can download it from the link below! Description: This first tutorial will represent The Hive Workshop and show you how to: Launch World Editor (WE) Create a new map...