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    Potential fix for playing on the free WC3 version with GameRanger

    Hi ! I started playing the map with a couple of friends. Firstly, I have to say: very impressive work, absolutely amazing ! I've just been playing with Dalaran, Forsaken and Nightborne so far. Nightborne lacks an OP unit but then again, I've just played with it like twice or thrice so maybe I...

    Where to view the code [example] of hotkeys ?

    Let me give you an example: the "hotkey code" for the Defend ability is [Adef] and for research is [Rhde]. Idk if this can be asked here but: where can I see the "hotkey code" for each and every unit/ability/upgrade etc. ? I want to set my custom keys but I'm stuck at trying to find the "hotkey...

    [Solved] Can't link "Unit - Issues" Actions

    Hi ! I want specific peasants to harvest lumber from specific trees after they repair some farms. I know how to create the "Unit - Issue Order Targeting A Unit" and "Unit - Issue Targeting A Destructible" Actions but whether I try "Wait For Condition" or "If-Then-Else" Actions I can't seem to...