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    WW3 Euro Co-Op V141 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  2. bobadoo2

    So what happens to imported models if you play Reforged?

    So I made this new level: WW3 Euro Co-Op V131 and I was wondering: if you import models what happens to them in reforged?, do they all work? I know I can tell everyone this map is 1.31 compatible since it was made 1.30.4 editor, but is it compatible with reforged?
  3. bobadoo2

    WW3 Euro Co-Op V141 (Map)

    Overview So out of all the games my brother and I used to play on, World War 3 Euro was my favorite!!! Constant battles of 100's & 100's of Taurens, then casting invincibility at the perfect moment lol. Heroes that leveled up forever, and not having to worry about any flying unit...
  4. bobadoo2

    Patch 1.31.1 Backup Files

    Thanks for the post, my 1.30e editor quit working. I think cause i opened the new one and blizzard sabotaged my old one. Anyways I opened the regedit and deleted the values for the editor and it works now. Funny thing was when i went to play i got a few errors and then it updated, so...
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    Mary Queen of Scots 2p v205 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  6. bobadoo2

    Who is a fan of 2 Player Co-op? (heres my custom maps)

    While everyone is playing Fortnite my brother and I are still Warcraft III'n instead:D Who is a fan of 2 player co-op? Who still plays with their best friend or with family members? I have found I rather play co-op with headsets vs the computer, cause the computer never leaves the game on us...
  7. bobadoo2

    Patch 1.30.4 Backup Game Files

    I just downloaded it and ya you can't open expansion maps until you run Warcraft III.exe and then it took me to a window where I had to type in my expansion CD Key. It somehow knew what my original CD-Key was, and had it already entered for me. Then it said there is an update available and I...
  8. bobadoo2

    Unsullied from Game of Thrones

    Thanks he looks awesome but now I can't open the map I was working on cause of the 1.31 update. I'm downloading 1.30.4 now so hopefully that will fix my problem.
  9. bobadoo2

    Unsullied from Game of Thrones

    I'm actually surprised we aren't seeing more GOT models being made, but I guess it's because people are thinking" who's gonna make a good GOT map anyways" but I think if someone at least made an Unsullied spear unit you would see that people could use it anyways. I've made a few maps recently...
  10. bobadoo2

    Gimli (War of the Ring)

    The picture preview only does this 10% justice. You simply have to click 'view in 3d' to immediately see why this is 5/5
  11. bobadoo2

    Knight Lordaeron

    When I saw the third shield model I got excited...but why can't I ever seam to find a knight with the defend ability? You could even make the horse put his head down like a mad bull. #need
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    6/5 & here's why: A climber or a college professor for instance would say that 5/5 doesn't exist, a 4.9 does but not a 5. In this case you broke all the rules; a model so good I can't even use it because you surpassed every human model ever made by Blizzard or anyone else for that matter. Give...
  13. bobadoo2

    Tolkien Elf Units (War of the Ring)

    So what are those elves tolkien back there in them woods anyways? No but really keep up the good work!!! There are so many good LOTR maps, have you played LOTR Hero Siege, that's my fav. I think you should try and make your LOTR models timeless for all the future LOTR maps yet to be created.
  14. bobadoo2

    Attack - Range: not working for me

    O that was it, I forgot to set acquisition range. If you want to try my co-op level feel free, it's got some cool downloaded spells in it. It's Dwarves vs Goblins. O and it's got a combo item system where if say you put all 3 swords or gloves or whatever on a hero it will automatically combine them.
  15. bobadoo2

    Attack - Range: not working for me

    Did they do an update or something. I'm trying to make a towers range 1600 but then when I start the game it says 700. I tried making it a unit instead of a building, I tried looking in gameplay constants, and I even tried making the range just 800 and it still goes to 700. Finally I tried...
  16. bobadoo2

    Mary Queen of Scots 1P/2P(co-op) v.205

    Ok I've been working on it for about 6 more months trying to meet every single complaint. You should find it so cleaned up it's like a new map, very fun, I play it every day :) I would like to thank all the map reviewers for helping me address all of it's old flaws.
  17. bobadoo2

    How do you pause the game without using the pause trigger?

    Thank you so much, I finally learned a new trigger and this solves all my problems!!!!
  18. bobadoo2

    How do you pause the game without using the pause trigger?

    I don't understand. In 2 player it only lets me pause the game 2 times. Isn't there a way to freeze all the units?
  19. bobadoo2

    How do you pause the game without using the pause trigger?

    I've heard you can pause or like freeze the game without the use of the pause trigger. The problem I'm having is the pause trigger only works a couple times in 2-player mode cause you only get a couple pauses lol.
  20. bobadoo2

    Alethos and Kuhneghetz were both already credited but I found a couple that weren't. For some...

    Alethos and Kuhneghetz were both already credited but I found a couple that weren't. For some reason I can't see page 4 of my resources used, and it's also claiming I'm using a headless skeleton when I'm not but I think it's because of my footman.blp file and the headless skeleton uses a...
  21. bobadoo2

    UI Ice CRAZYRUSSIAN Fixed By Phoenix

    You should do fire next, that would be challenging as hell lol
  22. bobadoo2

    Archer, Dark Ranger, Sylvanas Windrunner, and Derivatives

    Out of all those archers you never made a black and gold one that would go with the Bandit Lord. I made that texture myself for my level below and even added it to the site only to get rejected like everything I do on here.
  23. bobadoo2

    Shadow Hunter and Derivatives

    Shadow Hunter BETA (Voodoo Masks) was my favorite of the bunch
  24. bobadoo2

    Bat Rider and Derivatives

    How about a bat rider hero, they could be king of the bat riders
  25. bobadoo2

    Knight, Othmar Garithos, and Derivatives

    The 'Knight (Forsaken)' Is too cool, did you design that horse from scratch?
  26. bobadoo2

    Elf Builder

    Looks like a female Norwegian bodybuilder
  27. bobadoo2

    Ancient Sylvan V.2

    So you could have a whole forest of these guys and then they all wake up and surprise attack you, epic indeed!
  28. bobadoo2

    Gronn V.4

    This is the scariest model I've ever seen haha. I already wish I could see him in green, maybe he would make a cool grunt upgrade is what I'm thinking.
  29. bobadoo2

    Illidan Stormrage

    Does he have enough animations lol Since he doesn't work in preview, maybe add a overhead in game picture of him.
  30. bobadoo2

    Web Cocoon

    The cyclone effect idea is really good, I wish I could preview it that way though
  31. bobadoo2

    Reign (Life of a Queen)

    How To Play: You can make an army instantly by entering the letter 'a' as a chat message: press enter, type a, & press enter again. You can also make armies if it asks you to type 'd' to defend. Just hit enter, type the letter d, press enter again, and an army will appear exactly where as...
  32. bobadoo2

    No I made a bunch more just can't remember what, like the towers upgrade and all that I'm...

    No I made a bunch more just can't remember what, like the towers upgrade and all that I'm working on and am about to update now. Even the stuttering is a work in progress, and I'm also getting it ready for 2 player co-op. I decided to re-release it on it's 1 year anniversary, and within 24 hours...
  33. bobadoo2

    10 months of programming: Reign

    It appears the mods only want to shut down my 10 months of programming, and so I'm wondering what you guys think of my 100% original map I spent 100 of hours programming and beta testing.... Reign (Life as a Queen) ?
  34. bobadoo2

    ok fixed. And not only does Mary get stronger with time from witnessing battles, but through...

    ok fixed. And not only does Mary get stronger with time from witnessing battles, but through storyline she can get pregnant and her baby eventually becomes a fighting force. Also she can walk up to certain people and have conversations zelda rpg style. Also Mary goes through many epic events...
  35. bobadoo2

    Is there any problems with those tags?

    Is there any problems with those tags?
  36. bobadoo2

    Ai, because I spent months programming the Ai. Cinematic, cause it has cinematics. Defense...

    Ai, because I spent months programming the Ai. Cinematic, cause it has cinematics. Defense, cause you can play this level all defense and then there's a zombie appocolips. Misc/other, cause there is nothing else like it. Offense, because if you choose to kill Elizabeth it takes a major...
  37. bobadoo2

    Mary Queen of Scots 1P/2P(co-op) v.205

    The biggest problem was that you didn't play it long enough. The beginning is a little slow, it's designated more for what decisions you end up making to try and defend both France and Scotland. Sometimes the life of a queen is boring...jk, you prob should have been arranging your unslain units...
  38. bobadoo2

    Mary Queen of Scots 1P/2P(co-op) v.205 (Map)

    Previous Reviews & Ratings: Ignore them because I've made major updates since then, and this map took 2 years of my late night free time; hence why it has 40 imported models lol. You get to fight black bandit armies, hang /w Blood Elf armies, and then there's the feared golden Knights of the...
  39. bobadoo2

    3D Model Viewer

    How do I zoom out with the 3d model viewer when viewing models??? 50% of the time the models are huge and I'm so zoomed in I can't see and I try rotating and reminds me of this joke; a pirate walks in to a bar holding a steering wheel in front of him. A guy asks what are you doing...
  40. bobadoo2

    Pack - Men of Rhûn

    One of the coolest human models I've seen, and I've downloaded most of them.
  41. bobadoo2

    [Template / Terrain] Lets make THE ULTIMATE TEMPLATE everybody - I need HELPPP adding more spells

    So I have this awesome idea where I want to make THE ULTIMATE TEMPLATE with tons of new spells and heroes. Then I would like to share it on this site. Honestly if someone made a Template with like 100 new spells and like 3 new heroes from each race, IMO it would be the best greatest coolest map...
  42. bobadoo2

    Ancient Rootling

    I'm glad you stuck with your original thorns on his back instead of the grey ones. As many prickers as I've wrestled through in the woods I would have made the tips black though. Anyways awesome model, I'm sure you'll win haha
  43. bobadoo2

    The Mountain

    Probably cause they're mittens, and mittens just aren't cool, but that's the way the model was made in 3d so I just rolled with it. I wanted to do gauntlets but I like the way the mittens look in-game so I wasn't worried about it. I asked my brother while playing my level last night if he...
  44. bobadoo2

    The Mountain (Texture)

    "Entry for the 27th Texturing Contest". Texturing Contest #27 - Mechanize/Curse of Flesh My inspiration came from Gregor Clegane, aka The Mountain on GOT. The queen in my latest unreleased level needed a body guard, and Cersei knows; what better body guard than The Mountain. I also added him...
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    The Mountain (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  46. bobadoo2

    Texturing Contest #27 - Mechanize/Curse of Flesh

    This model is hard to get the hang of but I think I finally got him figured out:
  47. bobadoo2

    Texturing Contest #27 - Mechanize/Curse of Flesh

    Photoshopping my butt off like:
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    Black Dark High Elf Archer Ranger (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  49. bobadoo2

    Black Dark High Elf Archer Ranger (Texture)

    This skin took me a while and a handful of tries before I was happy. The hardest part was making black hair that looked good in-game. The bow got a darker upgrade as well. NOTE: You can use the nightelf archer instead with this path: units\nightelf\Archer\Archer.blp but it adds teamcolor to...
  50. bobadoo2

    Dark Archer doesnt work, helppp

    So I tried making a dark archer based off the human archer model on this site. It looks great but it's texture never shows up in-game. Can someone please download this thing and check it out and tell me how to fix the problem. As soon as you open it you will see it looks perfect and great...