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  1. BogdanW3

    Import guide is outdated

    This thread is about the "How to import this model" auto-generated page below every model file. Every external texture the model uses will have all the data generated correctly (thanks for fixing that) but the images generated are not applicable to the 1.32 World Editor. This has already...
  2. BogdanW3

    Custom textures not recognized well

    The bug extends to both "How to import this model" and "More info", as can be seen in models on this page. "Included textures" of the models are correct and they load correctly in the 3d viewer.
  3. BogdanW3

    Extracting game files (MPQ and CASC)

    How to extract game files Introduction Extracting game files is not something everyone will need, but those who would can need them for many things: you may need to get some data from the game SLKs, get a function's definition from the blizzard's code files, get a file to modify and use in...
  4. BogdanW3

    Local files

    Local Files What are Local files? Local files are a way to override game files without changing the original instances, so it is the only safe way to do it across all versions of Warcraft 3. The first question one could ask if "Why would I want to override the game files?", so I will also...