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  1. Spectre4802

    [Spell] Need help making this 'when cast add/remove ability' spell

    It's called Earthslam. When the hero casts it (I've based it on the Beserk ability), he replaces his passive spell with Earthslam Passive, which lets him bash for one attack and then removes it. Problem is, all the hero's abilities add and remove passive spells. How can I have each ability...
  2. Spectre4802

    Problem with 'Omnistrike' trigger

    First off, before you say anything, it's not an 'Omnislash' ability. Not really. So, I had this crazy idea. What is, when the hero blinkstriked to an enemy, it would spawn two copies of itself and those copies would blinkstrike to one random enemy (in this case, the enemies are...
  3. Spectre4802

    Unit Experience

    Basically, a unit that 'levels' like a hero. But not a hero. So, it would kill something, and gain xp, and improve it's stats (in some way) but it wouldn't be a hero. [I hope that makes the slightest bit of sense.] So, question: how can I do it? (Werewolf: Transylvania has units that...
  4. Spectre4802

    Shockwave Bomb

    What I want to happen is a unit casts Shockwave, and when the Shockwave spell reaches the end of it's path, it explodes. The explosion does, say, 300 damage, which increases by 300 damage per level of Shockwave (3 levels). The Shockwave spell functions normally, it just explodes at the end...
  5. Spectre4802

    arrow trap

    essentially, what I want to happen is a unit enters a region (a thin region). When it does, an arrow will fly in a straight path along that region. It doesn't attack the unit - it just flies along the path. if it collides with the unit, then yes, the unit will take damage. (It can be any...
  6. Spectre4802

    On event, cast this ability

    The title should be explanatory enough, but if not... What I want to do is this: Say a boss monster's health is, I don't know, 20%. I want that hero to cast Divine Shield on himself and summon a bunch of monsters that the brave adventurers have to fight. Once all creeps are down, Divine...
  7. Spectre4802

    Help - how do I find the "units matching condition" function?

    The title says it all. What? Don't call me a noob - it's not like the editor makes it easy to find things like this.
  8. Spectre4802

    Virus in WE Unlimited?

    A couple of days ago, my Antivirus (Avira) alerted me that there was a trojan in my computer, and it happened every time I started up the editor. Does anybody else have this problem?
  9. Spectre4802

    Tower Defense spawning

    Currently, I'm working on a simple TD. I had an idea of how to handle wave spawning - A minute into the game, the first wave spawns. Only after the last creep of the previous wave falls does the second wave start, and only after a 10 second setup time. So, my question is: is that possible?
  10. Spectre4802

    Rage system

    Working on a rage system for warriors in my map. I think i have the gaining mana through damage and attacking, but i'm trying to figure out how I can give them the following: -no passive mana regeneration -exactly 100 mana (6 points in int is 90 mana, 7 points in int is 105) That's pretty...
  11. Spectre4802

    Hero choosing system help

    'Hero choosing system' may not have been the best words, but nevermind. I'm trying to figure out a way to allow the user to choose which kind of class they want to play for a Hero Fight kind of map. Then I had an ingenious idea - why not have a box that pops up and gives the player options...
  12. Spectre4802

    [Trigger] I need help with this

    So, i've got a map going. It's entirely experimental, it's me messing with the Time - Periodical event among other things. So, the thing i'm confused about is I have a research (that doesn't actually do anything) that says it will spawn more units. Below is the code. Spawn Events: Time...
  13. Spectre4802

    [Trigger] Day and Night Abilities

    Is there a way i can get abilities to work only during the day or night? (say for example Auras)
  14. Spectre4802

    Turning items into other items

    This would make a lot more sense to those who have played 'Custom Hero Arena'. I think DotA might also have something like this. *Ahem* You know how in some games (Hero Fights and RPGs in particular) you can dump a few items in a 'Vault' building and have it churn out a much better item...
  15. Spectre4802

    [Trigger] Need help with spell

    Im making a spell that can only be cast on units with the 'Tauren' Unit Classification. The problem is i dont exactly know how to go about doing it. If anyone can help with this, i would greatly appreciate it.
  16. Spectre4802

    having difficulty with using Skins

    Yes, I've read the tutorial. What i don't understand is where to find the original blizzard skins to modify. If anybody can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Spectre4802

    [Trigger] Need help with spell idea

    Trigger Spell: Spell that is actually a trigger Im making a ability based off the 'Icy Veins' spell for the Mage class in WOW. It gives you X% of your mana back. I know how to everything, except one little hitch: It's a hero ability, and thus has several levels. I know how to do this for a...
  18. Spectre4802

    Looking for spells

    I hope i can do this, and that it isn't against the law. Im looking for several spell animations for this RPG i'm working on. Unless otherwise noted, it's only the animation. Healing Wave - straight from the Shaman class in WOW. Retribution Aura - Essentially a red version of the...
  19. Spectre4802

    Resurrecting Heroes

    As an RPG is populated almost entirely by heroes, and the fact that it's inevitable that one of those heroes will die, is it possible to resurrect heroes as you would resurrect a unit?
  20. Spectre4802

    Need help with Quests

    As much as i try to understand the quest tutorials, i can never seem to fully understand them. Specificly, i need help understanding how to actually set quest objectives. The quest involves killing 8 quillboars. Can someone walk me through the process?
  21. Spectre4802

    The Landtest Series

    Greetings noble sirs and... siresses of the Hive. I have been working on a project for quite a while now that has been known to me as 'Landtest', purely because i couldn't think of an better name at the time. [Boring history segment, skip to get to the point] It all started with Herotest, the...
  22. Spectre4802


    Hey everyone, hows it going? Im pretty sure that covers it. Im always leaking with ideas, some good, some not, but their always there. Spells/Abilities, Units/Buildings/Heroes, hell, even whole Races.
  23. Spectre4802

    Taxation in WCIII

    Hey there. Im new here, and i have no idea were i would put this sort of post. I was thinking Triggers, but thats neither here nor there. I had a dream. A dream where you could have buildings taxed. Like gold mining, but without the building getting destroyed and possibly without the need...