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  1. Wlarius

    Zombie Peasant Reforged

    Looks great. I assume he always skipped leg day. :D
  2. Wlarius

    Sapphiron chinese unit

    Makes a nice "inbetween" stage of it. Always found it strange that when raising someone who's just died they immediately had their flesh removed.
  3. Wlarius

    Old Villagers Re-Reforged

    Now we have a hundred different human models but still only 2 zombies. Can undead get some love too? :D
  4. Wlarius

    Plague Cauldron Re-Reforged

    Looks great. I'd love to have that land/rise animation for the regular necropolis as well. Especially since they look like they were actually ripped from the ground not built in the air.
  5. Wlarius

    Shade with attack and spell animation

    Useful. Someone should really do this with the critters as well. Heck, Frog could use a Consume animation as well, like Kodo.
  6. Wlarius

    Ogre drudge

    Can you make an undead Ogre? You know, some bones sticking out here and there. Maybe the open stomach part of the abomination.
  7. Wlarius

    Swamplord Naga Pack

    Awesome. Always wanted something like this. Any chance you can add a swamp version for the regular murloc and mur'gul units as well?
  8. Wlarius

    Zombies - chinese units

    What about the Dalaran zombie? The blue one with crystals on it?
  9. Wlarius

    Death Knight Mounted

    Good one. Any chance for an Unmounted version?
  10. Wlarius


    I like it. The spell animation could possibly be used as a "Throw Shield" ability where the shield bounces around enemies before returning. Kinda like Captain America's shield.
  11. Wlarius


    Wonder if it is possible to make the unit also an attachment, and add it to a target of its "possession" ability as head attachement. That way the turned unit would have an octopus on their head.
  12. Wlarius

    Zombie Footman Reforged

    Yes! We need more undead units! Skeleton Warriors with Footman armor pieces/shield/weapon, orc Abomination, different Ghouls, different Zombies, maybe even a Zombie with Egg Sack on its back.
  13. Wlarius

    Dire Orc

    Badass. Now THAT is an orc. With slight modification, it could also be a unique Ogre model.
  14. Wlarius

    Path of the Damned Timeline - Story, Lore & Missions

    Maybe have Arthas set up the Cauldrons along the fields of the Plaguelands as he kills the Paladins on the second mission. Before leaving for Quel'Thalas, we could see a little cutscene where Arthas leaves a portion of his army in some other Death Knights' hands. Maybe the Four Horsemen. To...
  15. Wlarius

    Jaina Team Color

    If Arthas is Blue and Uther is Light Blue, then Jaina should be Teal. Let the Scourge be Purple and Green, and the weird factions Pride colours. :D
  16. Wlarius

    Terror of the Tides Timeline - Story, Lore & Missions

    I'd simply have the campaign visit the Tomb of Sargeras island and some smaller islands around it. Have all the other parts of the Broken Isles simply be further away. Maybe visible in the distance, but not the focus of the events. WoW maps are not up to scale, things are way bigger. Goldshire...
  17. Wlarius

    Idea for the Northrend chapters

    Maybe a little cutscene when Arthas returns from Frostmourne cavern, where Baelgun and the other dwarves leave the human camp. No more dwarven units for the finale. I always found happenings there a bit strange. For example, Arthas says nothing about killing Muradin and the body is never found...
  18. Wlarius

    Hero butcher

    Looks badass. Are you planning on making fel versions as well?
  19. Wlarius

    Frost Golem

    Nice. Could you do the same to the Rock Golem? To winterify it. Its birth animation would be super useful for cinematics.
  20. Wlarius

    Fel Orc - Slayer

    It looks sick. I like it. :D
  21. Wlarius


    Ever thought of putting a the Fel Rider from the Fel Kodo Rider model on the back/hunch of it? Would look awesome as a fel warbeast.
  22. Wlarius

    Orc dragon rider v1.2

    The problem with kodos is that they are not found in anywhere outside Kalimdor. So even Pre-WC3 maps can't really use them. The green ones could be added to bears (as I've tried once), but there really is no Outlandish creature for the fel ones. Unless someone could create Clefthooves from scratch.
  23. Wlarius

    Orgrim DoomHammer Reforged (3 versions)

    On the mounted version, the Wolf's ears are flattened. I assume it has something to do with an armor that was removed, maybe?
  24. Wlarius

    Orc dragon rider v1.2

    A Nether Drake version of the fel orcs could also be super useful. You know, like the Dragonmaw Clan in Outland during the BC era.
  25. Wlarius

    Fallen King Arthas Unmounted

    I feel like it needs some loincloth (or whatever it's called) between his legs. Similar to the DK version.
  26. Wlarius

    Fel Orc - Behemoth

    In some animations his left foot acts weirdly. On both the red and green versions, and both in Retera and in-game. Also just looked under his loincloth. XD Great model otherwise.
  27. Wlarius

    Dead orc doodads

    Lol, Zombie Peon. XD
  28. Wlarius

    Fallen Anasterian

    Great model. I like the idea of the horse being summonable. But why is the colour so grey and green? It makes them look colourless next to other units.
  29. Wlarius

    Comment by 'Wlarius' in media 'Lordaeron Palace Floor'

    I always preferred that floor with the bloodtrail. XD
  30. Wlarius

    Comment by 'Wlarius' in media 'GIORGIO AMANI'

    The Amani smelled good before anyone!
  31. Wlarius

    Dwarven Bear Rider

    I like it. Bear should look a bit less Hordy and more Dwarfy.
  32. Wlarius

    Garona / Female Orc Assassin Reforged

    Great models. Garona's eyes were purple, though.
  33. Wlarius

    Void Broken (5 Derivatives)

    I feel this should be one model with 3 skins (purple, green, blue).
  34. Wlarius

    Orgrim DoomHammer Reforged (3 versions)

    Great models. Even know this is based on the movie, I'd still love to see a green (or darkish green) skin as well. You might want to check that shoulder pad. It floats away from the back/shoulder, and it may need a bit of downscaling. Also, any reason why he is left-handed? :P
  35. Wlarius

    Female Grunt (and derivatives)

    Good job on creating female orcs. I have a small suggestion: If possible move the angle in which she holds the axe. Something like on this picture. Makes it more natural to the way she holds her arm.
  36. Wlarius

    Dwarf Priest

    Looks good. You should remove all animations that interact with his "offhand" weapon that is removed.
  37. Wlarius

    Comment by 'Wlarius' in media 'Orcs Villagers pack'

    I see a problem with this picture: I don't see weapons in their hands. Without weapons, how are they going to spread the glory of the Horde? :D
  38. Wlarius

    Regular Human Knight(with helmet and shield)

    I like it. Once you manage to remove the Shieldattack animation -- and maybe tweak the cinematic walk a bit, so the shield doesn't clip with the horse -- it will be perfect.
  39. Wlarius

    Zombie footman

    Good one. Could you do something similar to the Skeleton Warrior model? You know, switching the Shield and helmet, etc to make it look more like a skeletal footman.
  40. Wlarius

    Orc Warlord Unmounted and derivatives

    Can you make the other skins available for the mounted version as well? Not sure what the original is (think red) but the other 3 as well.
  41. Wlarius


    I know it was its base, but he is too similar to the Beastmaster model. Only the head and shoulderpads are changed. Maybe change the weapons.
  42. Wlarius

    Comment by 'Wlarius' in media 'Young Thrall / Young Durotan'

    I like it. Though child Thrall having the exact same hairstyle as adult Thrall seems "anime thinking" to me :D
  43. Wlarius


    I know tweaking animations is tough, but his right hand (the one with the torch) should be moved further away from the body, so it isn't in front of his face.
  44. Wlarius

    Rat pack

    You should add that bloatedness to a zombie as well.
  45. Wlarius

    Blackrock Brute

    Good one. Could you also port Pale Orc from WoW?
  46. Wlarius

    "Cityscape +" Doodad Pack

    Excellent. *air guitar solo* You know what would make me even happier? If you could "destroy" that Statue of Terenas, so that only the legs are shown.
  47. Wlarius

    Blackrock Berserk

    Works well. The version without the iron spikes would be more useful.
  48. Wlarius

    Lantresor of the Blade

    Now we only need some draenei models to complement him. Maybe the satyr models could be used as basis.
  49. Wlarius

    Reforged Arthas Unmounted

    Ever thought of putting the Lordaeron crown (the one on the ArthasCrownPrince model) onto this unit or the mounted version? I always found it strange how the paladin on the second Undead mission says "You wear your father's crown as if you've earned it." yet Arthas was never wearing that crown.
  50. Wlarius

    Fel Bats WoW Rips

    They look great. Is there a version without those glowy bits on the head and mouth?