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  1. Ouro

    Banish spell and my allies

    Need help to edit Banish spell so it will banish only my enemies. For now it banishing my alleis. atm targets are: Enemy, Ground, Not-Self.
  2. Ouro

    Issue order targeting point with custom script.

    Need your help guys. Making own AI for custom map, and i need to order hero to plant the mine at random point around hero. My problem is that dont know how to issue order targetting point with custom script. To plant the mine i have to use custrom script as it is missing in standart actions...
  3. Ouro

    Map doesnt work after save

    I need you help, guys. I have a problem with saving a map. After i saved my map it doesnt start. Just start menu screen of Warcraft. I`m using JNGP UMSWE 5 d, my Warcraft 3 version - 1.27. Tried to edit other map and then save - all OK. Looks some problem in map itself. It happening even i...
  4. Ouro

    Need a help with Jass Trigger

    Hello every one. I have got a problem with JASS trigger import to my map. After transfer map will not load any more, just game will opens in main menu. Also same problem if i edit any thing in source map with this trigger. For example i just add 1 item or hero to map area and it will not start...