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  1. Kadovi

    Red Mirror Image

    black and blue?
  2. Kadovi

    Red Mirror Image

    looks like red for me
  3. K

    Red Mirror Image (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  4. Kadovi

    Red Mirror Image (Icon)

    A red alternative icon for Blademaster ability Mirror Image :wink:
  5. Kadovi

    Change Name? [Trigger]

    thx :)
  6. Kadovi

    Change Name? [Trigger]

    ik its too late but , i cant do the variable what it is the type of variable?
  7. Kadovi

    Sea Giant Emperor

    i tried to put that path but dont works :(
  8. Kadovi


    texture not working for me and i placed the path correctly ik im replying after 10 years but its 10 years that this has been not fixed
  9. Kadovi

    Ambush Day

    i updated it with the path you sended to me , so people can choose to download or to put the path
  10. Kadovi

    Ambush Day

    i did like that before i downloaded mine , now i cant test if it works bc i have the one i uploaded and its the same path
  11. Kadovi

    Ambush Day

    I tried but dont works
  12. Kadovi

    Bloodelf Rogue (aka Shadowblade)

  13. Kadovi

    PASBTNBlood Elven Vorpal Blades

    Custom Paths: ReplaceableTextures\PassiveButtons\PASBTNBloodElvenVorpalBlades.blp ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\DISPASBTNBloodElvenVorpalBlades.blp
  14. Kadovi

    PASBTNBlood Elven Vorpal Blades (Icon)

    PASBTN & DISPASBTN icons made for Blood Elven Upgrades icon pack made by Zephyrius2412 :wink:
  15. Kadovi

    Female Demon Hunter

  16. Kadovi

    High Elf Aim (Icon)

    Aim Research for High Elves Archers :wink:
  17. K

    High Elf Aim (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  18. Kadovi

    Blood Elf Aim

  19. Kadovi

    War Eagle Rider (Icon)

    Icon made for model RiddenWarEagle made by Garfield
  20. K

    War Eagle Rider (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  21. Kadovi

    Blood Elf Aim (Icon)

    Aim Research for Blood Elves Archers :spell_breaker:
  22. Kadovi

    Blood Elven Upgrades

    Vorpal Blades need some passives icons
  23. Kadovi

    Human Ultravision (Icon)

    Ability that makes humans have same sight as night just like the night elves :ned:
  24. Kadovi

    BTNFarstrider Lodge (Icon)

    Icon made for model Farstrider Lodge made by MatiS
  25. K

    BTNFarstrider Lodge (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  26. Kadovi

    BTNHighElf Sanctuary2

    i use w3 model editor to make the icons and some models have no team color , idk how to make it show team colors with textures , so i created the icon with the 3D model viewer of hive that shows team colors with texture. Thats why it have gray background.
  27. K

    BTNHighElf Sanctuary2 (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  28. Kadovi

    BTNHighElf Sanctuary2 (Icon)

    Icon made for model High Elf Sanctuary made by MatiS
  29. K

    BTNHighElf Sanctuary1 (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  30. Kadovi

    BTNHighElf Sanctuary1 (Icon)

    Icon made for model High Elf Sanctuary made by MatiS
  31. K

    BTNHighElf Sanctuary (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  32. Kadovi

    BTNHighElf Sanctuary (Icon)

    Icon made for model High Elf Sanctuary made by MatiS
  33. Kadovi

    BTNAltar of Eternity (Icon)

    Icon made for the model Altar of Eternity made by MatiS
  34. K

    BTNAltar of Eternity (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  35. Kadovi

    Ambush Day

    Thx , this icon i didn't find it inside game thats why i uploaded it btw whats the path of it?
  36. Kadovi

    Ambush Day (Icon)

    I uploaded this icon bc idk if this is already in w3 or not bc i didn't find it so i uploaded the icon of this page *I didn't made this icon idk where i can post icons that i dind't made* EDIT:I found the path for it but i cant test if it works bc i have this downloaded and its the same path...
  37. Kadovi


    OMG this is so cool!! 5/5 :wink:
  38. Kadovi


    It would be nice if it had some team colors 4/5
  39. Kadovi

    Tiered Temple of Tides (from Heaven's Fall)

    To change to any other tier you need to go to building animations in unit editor and put the name of the tier "stand tier 3" something like that the animation name variates
  40. Kadovi

    Magician Ant (Icon)

    This ant really wants to turn you into a worm 🪱 Art is not mine this was originally Agitator Ant Illustrated by Igor Kieryluk for the Commander 2020 expansion of Magic: the Gathering.
  41. K

    Magician Ant (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  42. K

    Soldier Ant (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  43. Kadovi

    Soldier Ant (Icon)

    Here's another ant icon i think i will make a entire pack of ant icons 🐜
  44. Kadovi

    Worker Ant (Icon)

    This is my first icon so i dont know if it is good made or not
  45. K

    Worker Ant (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  46. Kadovi

    Lord Archimonde

    Cool! Can you make Kil'jaeden version? pls 🙂