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  1. animalover


    The triffid is a highly venomous fictional plant species, the titular antagonist from John Wyndham's 1951 novel The Day of the Triffids. im looking for some triffid models for my map im working on it is a forest tower defence and i need triffids...
  2. animalover

    Mushroom buildings

    im looking for mushroom town hall, food building, barracks,and altar pls
  3. animalover

    Cat model

    Im looking for a cat model if anyone can make one thank you:grin:
  4. animalover

    Spongebob models

    Im looking for some models from spongebob squarepants Im looking for Squidward, mr krabs, sandy, plankton and gary :ned:
  5. animalover

    half life 2 zombies

    hi im in need of some zombies from half life 2 for the map im making the zombies are different one fast, one ranged and one close combat close combat fast poison (ranged):wbored:
  6. animalover

    Spongebob characters

    hi i need some spongebob models for my map such as squidward,gary,sandy,patrick,mr.s puff and mr krabs and their homes:xxd:
  7. animalover

    halo scarab model

    i realy need a halo 2 scarab model to complete my map. :infl_thumbs_up:
  8. animalover

    im new here

    im new here ive only just registered so can someone point me around this site thank you:infl_thumbs_up: