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  1. Alien Render

    World of WarCraft Trailer!!! its AWESOME
  2. Alien Render

    Paint shop Pro 9 Help

    Hello pplz, i have been working on a skin/model, but i dont know how to alpha out stuff in paintshop pro 9. I deleted the vertices for the part of the skin but the skin part is still there!! why is this? would sum1 help me with my skin??
  3. Alien Render

    Skin Help Plz

    hi i'm trying to put a skin of the lordaeron summer dirt cliff in but i dont know the directory! can sum1 help me plz?
  4. Alien Render

    Help with a model

    hi pplz, i'm trying to make a mdl edit of the skeleton, i used onkerwinkles animation transfer and gave it a demon hunter animation it looks a lot better with those but, i still need to edit the main moddle, i want to delete the shield and put another sword (or anything) in his had in its place...
  5. Alien Render

    Mdl Exporter for Max

    any1 know where i can get a .mdl exporter for 3ds max? i need one bad. i've made a few models but i cant save them as .mdl files so i can convert them to .mdx! where can i get one?
  6. Alien Render

    Model/skin help

    ok i am doing a model, but i dont know how to skin it its just beyond my powers (sort of) to know how to skin a model of my own... can sum1 help me? just tell me how i can? this is gonna be like a hovertank with 2 attacks, 1 for ground, and one for air. the rockets on air and the tanks...
  7. Alien Render

    would sum1 PLZ make this!

    I want sum1 to plz make a greek hoplite. its a greek soldier tat wat is the Peleopiesain War and the war of Alexander or whatever when he conquered persia in the battle of galgamila. here are sum pictures that might help
  8. Alien Render

    Trigger - How do i make units attack move to a single unit?

    How do i make units attack move to a single unit on spawn? i can do the trigger that creates the units but how do i make the attack move with a trigger?
  9. Alien Render

    SKINS - Are my skins good?

    Are my skins ok? I just started skining so i want opinions.
  10. Alien Render

    Paint Shop Pro Help

    how do u blend with paint shop pro, i just dled it.
  11. Alien Render

    would sum1 make a model for me??

    I need these models (3) F-84 Sabre MIG-15 B-29 would sum1 make these for my map?
  12. Alien Render

    skin importing problem

    Every time i import i skin it doesnt show up as a option for imported models/skins. why is that?
  13. Alien Render

    How do i give dif units dif animations?

    How i give units a dif units animations (expl: villager wit rifleman animation). a little help plz? at least gimme a link to a tutorial if there is 1 for this.
  14. Alien Render

    Would sum1 make a Marine witout gun?

    I'm makin a map and i want to use that awsome M-16 model as a special addon, but the Gauss rifles in the way, would sum1 alpha that out for me and pm me so i can dl it.
  15. Alien Render

    Milkshape 1.7 help plz

    i just got Milkshape 1.7 but it wont let me import the WarCraft Models... it says it can only import ms3d models... a little help plz?
  16. Alien Render

    Killst4r's Starcraft models rock! (other then the alien.MDX)

    Killst4rs models are the best on this website!(other then the Alien model by AlienAntFarm, my favorite model ever made) Every1 should see them! if you want proof, click on the link below!
  17. Alien Render

    Can sum1 tell me how to make Cinamatics!

    i have apsolutely NO idea how to make cinamatics, i only know that u put in camaras but i dont know how to make them move and stuff. sum1 help me!
  18. Alien Render


    :( :( i have Warcraft 3 Veiwer AND paintshop but it wont let me open the skins so i can edit them... a little help wit that plz?