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  1. bhusta

    Alpha Tile for Dummies

    Alpha Tile for Dummies -by bhusta Complexity: Low Requirements:Warcraft 3 Editor An alpha tile texture This tutorial explains what is an alpha tile, how one can create it and how one can use it. First of all, why do people call it alpha tile? It is a texture which only uses the...
  2. Mayday

    MipMapHax? [Mildly NSFW]

    Within this tutorial, you'll find how to put an Easter Egg or something of the sort in your map. This isn't really useful. It's kind of a meme. But here we go! This requires tutorial requires Warcraft Patch 1.32+ to work. You'll need to operate with ".dds" files. You'll also need some form of...
  3. Mayday

    High Resolution Loading Screens

    In this tutorial, you'll find how to get a HD Loading Screen. There's two methods available. ".dds" & ".tga" The one you choose is based on the Warcraft 3 version you have. Users on the Latest Patch can choose between either, although using a ".dds" import is superior as it uses a lower file...
  4. Mayday

    Using Reforged Icons in Classic

    Within this tutorial, you'll find out how to use Reforged' HD Icons in your map without the need to export and re-import them through CascView. This is useful for maps that want to retain a bit of similarity between supported modes for it, or have a Reforged icon in use that won't display in...
  5. Strydhaizer

    Effortless Terrain Tile Making Tutorial

    Effortless Terrain Tile Making Tutorial Note: This is for Classic/SD only, Reforged/HD tiles are kinda more complicated since it have three layers therefore it is not included in this tutorial. Description Have you ever wanted to make a tile, but you don't know how to? Worry no more, I...
  6. Mayday

    Hiding Extended UI Panels

    Within this tutorial, you'll find how to remove the extended interface panels on Classic Graphics. To clarify, we're talking about what is displayed in the image below. To remove these panels, only two imports are required, depending on the amount of races you're looking to remove the...