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    how to properly initialize globals variable on TS-Template?

    For build my map, im using warcraft 1.31 with TS along this template cipherxof/wc3-ts-template But im getting problem when assign values to globals variables, when i initialize them can get the value when printing them, but when i imported them to anothers .ts script they have nil value, why...
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    Alpha Tile Issues solving

    Hello, if you want to know what is alpha tile go to here: Alpha Tile for Dummies This tutorial is a solution to the problem of alpha tile use: It looses transparency in fog of war and black mask It looses transparency if it is the bottom tile as mentioned in the overlapping part above. It is...
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    Check if array is empty

    I have an ability array, the indices of the abilities are the values of the levels at which the hero will learn the skill. Example spells[15] = Flame spells[40] = Flame of Ice I check when a unit gain a level and later add spells[level of triggering unit], but always add the spells to the...