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    :goblin_boom::goblin_boom::goblin_boom: --------------------- --------------------- --------------------- --------------------- ---------------------
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    Need to find this kind of minigame

    I barely remember of these games. They all share same gameplay, is that you control a character, trying to take over entire map (a huge square area). You firstly start standing at this map border, while monsters are running inside. The only way to destroy them is to create a full square area: by...
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    [UB] Development Thread

    @Riki Here including: - The current version of UB, unprotected. - Documents about unused resources and unused variables inside Object Editor. - Proposed ideas/new features from last commended users. - Ideas for custom spells, system triggers. - Future Plans for project. New releases and...
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    [UB] Resource Package

    Supported Versions: 2.50 *Note: After extraction, you can still play original maps and campaigns, together with UB maps with the package. If you prefer pure experience, paste the backup file back.
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    [Custom Spell] Useful things to do with Dark Conversion-based spell.

    Not sure if anyone have ever find this out, but Dark Conversion could be extremely useful if you want to have different conversion unit type with custom effect without any custom triggers!!! All you need to do, is allow negative value in Preferences and then: - Unit used for conversion: In Unit...
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    [Solved] Accumulated Lag

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    [Solved] Help adding animation to these models

    Hello, I'm very appreciate if someone can add any kind of attack animations to these 2 models: Nevermind, I use Matrix to transfer animation and it works.
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    [UB] Unprotected Versions

    I add some unprotected versions here, in case if someone wants to learn more about map making. Feel free to contact me and ask anything related to this subject.
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    Just a warning

    You guys need to back up your map frequently from now on, if you are waiting for better stability patch more than 1.30 now and prefer using older patch. If you open your map of WE version lower than 1.28, save it using latest WE patch then there is no way you can switch it back without error and...
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    Small requests (Zerg unit skin).

    I have some requests about Zerg models and will only ask one thing at a time. After one request is fulfilled and both authors +4Rep, I will add another one here on this thread. Please stick this thread and share this library to someone find them useful, in need for some more SC models, and don't...
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    [UB] Legacy Versions

    Here you can download older versions of UB. These maps do not require any additional package to work. The project will mostly developed from here. The main section is only for download map-pack. *Note: Please do not play these with current package and map-pack, cause they conflict whenever you...
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    [General] Hero buying custom Items (AI).

    Note: This topic focuses on built shops with Shop Sharing and Shop Purchase Item, *not relevant to neutral passive shop with Select Hero. As the title said, I wanna learn more if custom triggers can do a trick better than basic AI Editor since it only allow us to toggle on/off AI to buy item...
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    Need help with this model:

    Can anyone fix selection bug of this model. I can't select while in-game? +Rep and thank in advance. PlasmaMarine1.2_ByEpsilon
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    Starcraft model pack

    I was fascinated there is a project like this existed in the past. I really want to revive it and polish as much as I can. Does anyone have any clues of how to get these resources. Or have these packs to share. The project author is long gone. It's such a waste to left resources to the spotlight...
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    Neutral passive buildings

    Can we detect whenever a player buying/selling a unit or item from Neutral Passive buildings via triggers? I see only selling options there.
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    Illusion System

    The systems around Hive are all required of their own DDS and other libraries. I wanna find out if there is a better way to: - Create a illusion based on specific unit type, of target unit or caster. - Detect summoned illusions and give them spells which they can use just like the host...
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    Finding advanced optimization tools, need great helps.

    I used to adjust Vexorian Optimizer to redude map loading (according to somebody suggestion) for UB project. It did reduce map loading time but too bad, the size is increased by 20% bigger. I am going to convert all custom sound file to mp3 and hope it will reduce the map size. I have no...
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    [Solved] AOE catapult unit and Attacked unit

    When I try to pick unit group in range around "attacked unit" which is attacked by "Siege AOE" attacking unit then do some actions, the map crash. Because of that, I think "attacked unit" unit type can not be detected by non target-locking attacks. How can I solve this? I
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    Fear of Fish Phobia – Ichthyophobia

    Anyone here are facing similar experience like me. Don't know how or when, but my fear of fish are getting worse. Even a single glare upon dead fish can almost make me sick. Good thing that I'm not living near any ocean or river. It's a shame that I'm a very good swimmer but cannot get closer to...
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    [Solved] Delete ability data in W3a files.

    This problem will only happen with heavy modified maps. Since they contains bunch of custom object data, it would be problematic to delete them once Copied/Created. I have tried to import and delete these data in a new map but it still show error "not enough space" and crash WE. Thus, I think...
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    Passive Skill request

    This passive spell gives bonus damage to the unit whenever another unit with exactly same type standing nearby. The more units with same name stand together, the greater bonus damage given to all of them. For example. Increase 10 bonus damage for each unit in range, up to 4 times (mean 5 units)...
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    Need for Funny Map

    Is there any map so broken that can makes you scream like this one? I need them into my collection.
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    [Import Manager] New Category Tab

    When I work on Import Manager, find out what an essential feature that it should have: - A new Tab named "Used" should be created beside of "File Name", "Type", "Size" and "Full Path" Normally, only when you click on custom resources, you can see how many time this resource has been used. If...
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    Top Favorited Games (PC)

    ***WIP*** This is where you can find all your favorite PC game top list (including mods). It does not matter which version, engine or theme, just comment and DO NOT overwrite the same game again. I will update the list once something new pop up. +rep for sharing, guys. Also +rep to me if you...
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    [Solved] Bug when using Jump System [Paladon]

    I try to apply this system: Jump System [Paladon] - for an auto-cast spell (Curse). Normally, it will work if we manually cast the spell but will not work if we let a unit auto-casting it. The unit just simply fly off to the center of the map. I guess the auto-cast spells cannot detect "Target...
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    Hello eveyone... I'm Unregret. I'm 25 year old. I'm come from Hanoi, Vietnam and I'm here to freak you all... P/s: Sorry, that wasn't me. And please don't mind to that basic introduction words. Because, what I did think before I create this thread is "Hello motherf*cker"
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    Purple Dragon model and icon - Warcraft style

    Could anyone re-skin a classic dragon model to purple color (even change its eye glowing color)? Plus an icon fit with it?
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    [UB] Bug Reports and AI problems

    4/19/2021: We are going to rework things all overs since all custom spells based on negative values such as Mana Shield is conflicted with Damage Engine by Bride, and it causes too many unbalanced factors and confusions among players. And some models too, Tyvm.
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    [UB] Info Thread (Old)

    Warcraft: Ultimate Battle Players always dreamed of playing other races in Warcraft 3, so we've decided to try and step it up a notch. Ultimate Battle is the biggest total melee race compilation. The main map, using Blizzard's Raging Stream, allows you to play as one of 4 original races or 14...
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    God-like Phoenix-Rebirth spell bug

    I found this bug when trying combat using a unit with Phoenix-Rebirth spell. Its health can not fall below 1 hp and can not be killed by any means. This is really creep me out.
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    Custom Path of Imported Files

    I wonder if there are any tools which allow us to automatically change custom path of imported resources such as BTN, DISBTN, PAS, mdl, mdx....
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    Pandaren model (re-skinned from game existing models)

    I know this is too much for someone, but can someone create a full set of Pandaren units based on available resources (Brewmaster and his spirits): - Each model has team-color and portrait. - Each model has "no hero glow" (You can remove it from some skins). - Each model can be shared one...
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    [General] Add skills to Higher Tier Buildings (after upgraded)

    I can add skill to a building by using "A unit entering" event but how about upgraded building (Tier 2, Tier 3). I want to add something right at the moment those buildings finishing upgraded to new tier. Note: I want to add it by using triggers (because it will only applied to computer players).
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    [Solved] Problem with Kaboom! skill

    I added "Enemy" into "Target Allowed" of Kaboom! spell but it still damage allies and anything in return. Anyone know how to make this spell working only on enemies? Edit: Nevermind, i change it to default setting then add "enemy", it worked. So delete this post.
  35. Unregret

    [Altered Melee] Warcraft UB Series - Bug Reports and Project Transferring Thread.

    I wanna ask a favor from anyone who want to help this map getting better and better. Since I am myself very limited in spending time and modding skills as well. If "ANYONE IS SO GOOD AND INTERESTING IN THIS PROJECT", go ahead then maybe i can even transfer the ownership of this map developing...
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    New patch 1.27b.

    Anyone have tried to test a map in multiplayer mode with more than 8mb? I tried with a map bigger than 58mb but somehow its stuck in 29%. Need to know what caused this. Map or patch? Link to the map: UB - Raging Stream v1.6b AI+ (Naga Update) I know its still so soon to judge this but hopefully...
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    [Trigger] Need help to check these spells - Storm Spirit.

    I tested and found out some of them definitely have leaks. Show me anything solutions to fix them all over. Source: These are from Wc3c and all abbandoned. Feel free to edit it. I. Storm Spirit - Static Remnant 1. Static Remnant Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability...
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    [Solved] Delete custom ability data safety.

    Hello folks, is there any way i can delete custom abilities (which i copy-paste from one map to another) without crashing WE? Note: Both maps are non-protected, but one map is made in old version WE, while another is newer.
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    Anyone wanna play campaign?.

    My nickname is "Unregret" from Gameranger. We can start it. My nickname is "Unregret" from Garena Plus too.
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    Melee Map - Remove Free Hero Purchase

    Hello guys. I need help to remove the default free purchase (Only cost 5 food) for first hero in order to make it costing gold and lumber like the second and third ones.
  41. Unregret

    Copy entire terrains/landscape from one map to another.

    I just want to ask if this is possible or not. In case i want to keep all contents of one map, start making terrains on another map then copy/paste it all over by switching windows between maps. This should save much more time-consuming, especially in creating campaign.
  42. Unregret

    An invisible aura working on buildings.

    As the title said. I tried to use permanent invisible skill on building but it didn't work. Any suggestions?
  43. Unregret

    [Trigger] Need Help to fix this spell to MUI

    This Blood Aura work perfectly for 1 hero and anyone around him. But if there are 2 heroes of the same type using this spell at the same spot, things go very messy. Please anyone can fix this to MUI so 2 auras can work separated at the same time for 2 heroes? Please use GUI, because i hate Jass...
  44. Unregret

    Pandaren Building Set

    Please anyone can help me to get a full custom set of Pandaren-theme buildings? I need it as a separated race for my custom map and also for this project too: Ultimate Battle - Raging Stream v 1.01 :oops:
  45. Unregret

    [Altered Melee] Total War - Custom melee map.

    Hi, my name is Unregret. I'm here to bring you guys a custom melee map which I compiles almost of Wa666r's races together (with his approval, of course): Fel Orc, Dalaran, Dranei, Lost One, Crusader, Worgen, High Elf. And custom Naga race which is created by me. The purpose i posted this...
  46. Unregret

    A Brand New Custom Hero Limitation System.

    I want to ask if anyone can create a good trigger (for one race) and post it here which meets all these following requirements: 1. Each player can only have maximum 3 heroes for training and must be trained using Altars* (Not Tavern). 2. Each player before can upgrade the main building to new...
  47. Unregret

    How to break the unit-type limit in "Gameplay Constants".

    Here is the problem. I merged many races together which also added a large number of heroes into melee map. The problem is i can not add more heroes to "Dependency Equivalents - Hero" under "Gameplay Constants" tab in order to limit 3 training heroes. If i try to add more, some added hero names...
  48. Unregret

    [Solved] World Edit/Trigger Editor - Lagging Problem - Skills based on Periodic Event

    Basically, those skills are leakless and simple. But if I use similar skills based on Period Event at the same time, the map will gonna be lag seriously. I really appreciate if someone can find a new method which works similarly to those skills but without lagging problem, of course. For...