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  1. BrazilEmperor

    Some abilities ideas for my units

    Hi Folks, i need some ideas for some of my Human Race units. My map is inspired on Oldschool Warcraft : Orcs and Humans. I need that you give some abilities/ skills for those units: Footman/Legionary - Archer - Knight (armed with jousting lance) - Handgunner - Halberdier - Gryphon...
  2. BrazilEmperor

    Ideas for my race thematic

    i'm making a map that each race is based on some culture. EX: Dwarfs equals to Vikings Humans equals to Holy Roman Empire,etc. for my Elf race, what theme is better? Celtic/British/Highland culture or Chinese/Asian/Oriental culture?
  3. BrazilEmperor

    Ability Icon Suggestions

    I need some icons for my caster's abilities. the Thematic is Scarlet Crusade. im using than in my Custom Melee Map about Scarlet Crusade and Forsaken. He is a normal unit, named Scarlet Inquisitor, a offensive spellcaster. Abilities: Smite - based on Holy Light. do not can be used on allies...
  4. BrazilEmperor

    Ideas to my spellcaster unit

    i was creating a spellcaster using this model Generic Wizards, but i need some ideas: say to me 4 abilities that you would choose / create for him?
  5. BrazilEmperor

    More Suggestions That I Need

    I need a little help. I have a unit on my map that I created recently. the point is that I do not know what weapon would be right for her. I chose three options: Axe, Scimitar and Mace. about the unit: it is a cavalry, melee, heavy armour and is based on the Teutonic Knights. in the history of...
  6. BrazilEmperor

    Unit Techtree Ideas

    Hi folks! About my map - it's a custom melee map. I need ideas and suggestions about the units, whoever can light a lamp for me, I'm grateful. it is a human race (it also includes elves and dwarves). i have already three basic units: Legionary - Versatile melee unit. useful for fighting on the...
  7. BrazilEmperor

    Help! i need suggestions!

    Hi Folks! i'm working in a one of my maps. is about a personal version of me of the human race in a fantastic Tolkienian universe. the problem is that I did not decide on what I would designate a unit that I created, called "Templar" (based on the Paladin). this unit would have 4 abilities (one...
  8. BrazilEmperor

    Map Synchronization

    Hi guys! i wonder that is possible synchronize the same edits on other map, without update each one.. its possible?
  9. BrazilEmperor

    A Little and Simple Favor

    Someone can please download the named video "Chasing the Dawn Part Two Trailer" from this channel: Micha Haas and send me from this endress [email protected] because this video is restricted to my country (Brazil).
  10. BrazilEmperor

    My Map - Suggestions

    I'm creating a map based on the traditional style (Melee), however, on my map it will have only two factions, and I wonder if a map with 4 heroes on each side and an average of 3 units per building could impress players ... however, I need some suggestions about this ... for example: 6 heroes...
  11. BrazilEmperor

    Golden Staff :)

    Hello, my brothers! Could anyone recommend me some model of holy staff? a staff of bishop, priest or related to sacred magic, preferably of gold color ... Thank you!
  12. BrazilEmperor

    Advices about my Map

    Hello everyone, I'm planning to create a "Melee Map" based on the conflicts of the Scarlet Crusade and Forsaken. I need your advice on how many heroes they would have between them: 4,5 or 6 Heroes per faction?
  13. BrazilEmperor

    Where i can find this Battering Ram?

    Towered with Crossbows and Lordaeron Symbol
  14. BrazilEmperor

    Naga Buildings Links

    Hi folks! i'm working to make my melee map with custom races, and for now, i need some Naga Buildings, in this source website, i don't have founded too much models, Do you knows where i can found buildings packs of this race? others websites of warcraft iii resources,etc? Thanks for Help and...
  15. BrazilEmperor

    Night Elf Buildings Links

    Someone known where i can find NE buildings? not Ancients/Ents/Trees, Just a pack of night elfs buildings, with Town Hall,Barracks, Tower, Shipyards,etc. Thanks and sry for my bad english.
  16. BrazilEmperor

    Model/Edit Request

    Hello guys,Could someone make a Bandit with a spear? or just teach me how to remove weapons from the models? grateful!.