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  1. Cokemonkey11

    [System] Knockback3D

    Knockback3D Preface Jumps, Knockbacks, and throws are a common jass implementation because there are many design objectives desired for their behavior. No system does everything, and this is no different, but I do hope its features are useful to you. Limitations There are a few important...
  2. Zwiebelchen

    [System] TabReader (Music Interpreter)

    What is this? Basicly, it's a guitar tab interpreter system for Warcraft III, allowing to import very few highly compressed sounds and generate music with them, kind of like a MIDI interpreter software. It was designed to be used in combination with Guitar Pro, but is also compatible to any...
  3. Alain.Mark

    [Snippet] LineSegment

    I have seen a lot of maps that individually attach coordinate datas for line segments (which would add a little more process for retrieval) while it can be just capsulated by a single data (pointer). The snippet is simple but makes things more easy. library LineSegment...