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  1. Death_Rift

    AI And Trigger

    Nvm Nvm just delete this post.
  2. Death_Rift

    Just a little thing

    Right i didn't really know where this should go but if u cant convert wa 3 screenie just use snipping tool. If u know what i mean it works real well to post screenshots for world editor only though not in game. Then all u need to do is upload your screenie on imurger( just search it up) :vw_death:
  3. Death_Rift

    Help! Screenshot issue.

    I cant paste screenshots :( help. everytime i take a screenie it goes to the screenshot folder and becomes a tga:goblin_jawdrop: file. i changed it too jpg and and png but paint still wont let it work :( btw i am using windows 8 levono. PLZ HELP
  4. Death_Rift

    Mushroom golem

    Anybody make some mushroom golems would be great. Ty. Over.
  5. Death_Rift


    I've beem wondering how to make a island map. how do they make island maps without cliffs? i know u can use the raise tool on deep and shallow water and that makess the rounded of edges feeling of the map but how they get the waves and other stuff? :vw_wtf: :vw_wtf: :goblin_boom: