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  1. Just call me Js

    Disabling Triggers For Only 1 Player

    I would like to know is it possible, and if possible , how to disable a trigger for only a few players. I have thought about the idea of like creating a different trigger for each player and then just disabling those that the i want to disable, however that way seems too messy and complicated.
  2. Just call me Js

    [JASS] Syntax error problem?

    I am quite new to Jass so forgive me if i am asking a stupid question, I have a problem that i just cant understand for some reason Jass Helper sasy this line has a "Syntax Error": function LandRandom_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean this is like the full of that part, or should i...
  3. Just call me Js

    About MUI , game cache , handle vars

    I heard of MUI, game cache, and handle vars but i dont really know what they are. I know MUI is Multi User Instancible and i think it means the spell/trigger can be used at the same time by many people. Am i correct about the meaning? I heard game cache is one of the only ways to make...
  4. Just call me Js

    Data-Max Life Gained and Item Ability

    First of all i want to thank everyone who tries to answer my questions. :grin: FIRST QUESTION My first Question is i have a Ability and change the maxlife kinda data meaning: Data-Max Life Gained [wateva number] and i changed it to have a few levels and i set each level to have more...
  5. Just call me Js

    About "Unit-Remove Ability"

    I was wondering what does the "Unit-Remove Ability" trigger do? I tried it a few times but doesnt seem to work. Does it remove the ability only if the ability is a item ability or a unit ability? Or must it be a hero ability or only certain abilities can be removed?
  6. Just call me Js

    What are Buffs and Effects

    I just want to know what are buff's and effects? I tried making a custom buff. The buff seem to have no use and does not do anything. I am confused about what the buff is and what effect is. Thanks to anyone who helps me clear up my confusion.
  7. Just call me Js

    Random Building

    Have you guys seen in like Gem TD where the building comes out random? Like you build something then it comes out probably as Building1 or Building2 or Building3? I am trying to put that effect into my map but dont know how to
  8. Just call me Js

    How to stop players from moving unit

    I am trying to make a map but have came upon a problem. How do you make a unit still be able to move and under Player(wateva)'s control but Player(wateva) cant choose where the unit will go or ask the unit to stop moving by asking it to move foward abit then dont give anymore commands. I...
  9. Just call me Js

    Just call me Js

    HI my name is Js (couldnt put that cause needs to be at least 3 letters long) Got nothing to say about myelf except im trying to make my own maps(who in this forum doesnt?). Trying to get the hang of using GUI first before going to more advanced stuff.