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  1. Monky-Master

    [Trigger] Retrieving Previous Unit

    Hi. In a camera system I have made, and is still improving, there is a problem with turning off the camera. The problem is when I turn off the system in game, and then I turn it on again, the camera zooms to the center of the map. I figure that the problem with this, is because the...
  2. Monky-Master

    What have I missed?

    So. What have I missed within the last year or two? According to my last visit, which was at Welcome, Monky-Master. You last visited: 12-30-2007 at 11:22 PM Private Messages: Unread 0, Total 0. What have I missed? GUI still rocks.
  3. Monky-Master

    [Trigger] Getting a Unit's Location

    Hello. Currently, I'm trying to get a unit's Z location, but can't find a trigger for it. What's supposed to happen is a unit will fire a projectile(The projectile is a unit)and once the projectile meets another unit, it checks it Z height, and if the Z height is equal to the projectile's...
  4. Monky-Master

    Attack Speed Limit.

    Does anyone know how to get the attack speed limit to go past .25 or what ever the limit is? I've been trying to figure it out for a while, and haven't found out what was causing it to be locked at .25-.30. Thanks.
  5. Monky-Master


    Creator : Me Summary : One of your standard semi-fps maps. Was created for fun and to take up my time. Still adding on a few more modes to increase variety in game play. Features : Not a lot here. Provides a Semi-fps view centered on your character. In the beggining you choose how many kills...
  6. Monky-Master

    Little Problem...

    Yea, the spell effects work, but the returning values are screwed up. Someone tell me whats wrong, heres the script. function Trig_Desert_Graveyard_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean return GetSpellAbilityId() == 'A00H' endfunction function...
  7. Monky-Master


    anyone know how to cause a unit to be pushed as they are touched? I can make it push, but not n the direction i want. A thing is spinning around a unit, and every unit in range of the spinning object gets pushed if they run into it, but i cant seem to make it push correctly
  8. Monky-Master

    Minimap Help

    Is it possible to black out your mini map? Besides using the black mask thingy. I still cant figure out how to black out the mini map! Please help
  9. Monky-Master

    Respawn Trigger Not Working!

    Ok i made a respawn trigger that dosent work. Its supposed to trigger when a unit dies, and it checks if any units for that player is still alive, if its true, then it creates a selector. Heres how the thing looks like... Event - A unit dies Condition - Get unit alive(Number of units(Get...
  10. Monky-Master

    Camera Problems

    How do you keep cameras in place, so players cant use their mouse scroll to reset it?
  11. Monky-Master

    Somethings wrong!!

    Ok, i have a jass script, and theres one thing wrong with it, and i don't know what. Heres the script function Trig_Line_Barrage_2_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean return GetSpellAbilityId() == 'A001' endfunction function Trig_Line_Barrage_2_Actions takes nothing returns...
  12. Monky-Master

    Creating Units Help

    Im making a td, and I cant make the units spawn. The trigger is like this Event- Timer Expires Condition- Level = 0 Action- Create 10 Footmen at Spawn 1 BUT that doesnt work, the timer expires, yet no units are created, does anyone know whats wrong?
  13. Monky-Master

    Help Please

    Well i finished my map, BUT theres one wrong thing with it. It keeps booting me from the game, everytime i host, after about 5 minutes or so, the game disconnects me. Does anyone have ANY idea why that happens? I cant attach my map so you wont be able to see whats wrong...
  14. Monky-Master

    Spell MUI

    Umm can anyone make U.V.'s Spell Camoflauge MUI for me? I dont know jass so i dont know how to do it, but i know how to plug in the stuff.
  15. Monky-Master

    LeaderBoard and Camera Help

    Im making a map that is in 3rd person shooting, and i cant seem to make the camera stay put. Like the camera would be fine, but once i move the scroll on the mouse, the camera would reset. The leader board problem is that i cant make it count kills. Heres how i have is set up Event: A...
  16. Monky-Master

    Run Trigger Need Some Help

    Im trying to make a spell where the caster channels, and it runs toward its target, speed increasing,BUT it doesnt stop channeling, if anyone can help, try posting it in GUI form. =Monky-Master
  17. Monky-Master

    Animation Help

    Making a spell where the caster does an animation and then slows down. The problem is every time i cast the spell the hero just does the motion then resets to his normal stance. Can anyone tell my this keeps happening?
  18. Monky-Master

    Triggering help

    Trying to make a map, triggers getting in my way of finishing it. Can anyone tell me how to make it so it spawns a unit when you have no more units?
  19. Monky-Master

    Ahhh, Multiboard help needed...

    - Delete this post.
  20. Monky-Master

    Aoe Circles..

    How do you make AoE circles specifically target?
  21. Monky-Master

    Pitch Angles...

    How do you get negative values for the Maximum pitch angles on units and other stuff? Ive allowed negative values but it still doesnt work.
  22. Monky-Master

    Help, "Moving Unit" Problem

    Can anyone tell me how to set up the "move" triggers so that the caster unit would go around the target unit.(Like Omnislash in dota) i need it to make a spell. Thank You in advance.
  23. Monky-Master

    Just a tiny problem, Fast reply would be nice.

    Ok can anyone that reads this tell me how to create lightning effects with height? I can't seem to figure out how to do it in Trigger form, but I've seen it in JASS form. Thanks In advance For Help. :D
  24. Monky-Master

    Need Help With Spell!

    Ok im making a spell to be added to the spell section, but it has a flaw, its almostt like a nova, except it circles all around the caster getting smaller. BUT I cant get it to do damage at the right place or time, because units around him(Not hit by the bolts) get damaged for no reason. Pelase...
  25. Monky-Master

    Spell Request, Lightning Fury

    Can some one make a spell like Lightning Fury from Diablo II? I wanna use it in a map I will make. And hopefully it will be trigger based, not jass based. I know this spell has been made, but can you make one where the original bolt has a chance to pierce through?