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  1. Beat-Down

    Skin has holes...

    Ya.. i made this skin off of a Rifleman. changed some colors n such, uploaded it correctly, used Warcraft Extractor 2 to make from Blp->TGA use Adobe photoshop to change it up than Exractor to go TGA->BLP. i uplaoded it and it has a line going down the middle of him. Could it be the color...
  2. Beat-Down

    how to make a unit teleport attack and tele back

    Ya.. i need some help with this spell. I am making a hero that has a skill where he teleports (like blink) behind a unit and attacks it, then teleports back to his original spot. I was thinking of using a dummy Hero and making the hero invisible, but when i did it it didn't...
  3. Beat-Down

    Dialog Box...newb question but oh well

    I'm making a map where u start out with a dialog box to choose ur hero. But, when i click on the box nothing seems to happen. Plz give me the trigger for making a "working" dialog box. I have searched most of the map forums and can't find it. -=Beat-Down=-
  4. Beat-Down

    size of icon for spell

    i've checked this forum and can't find the size the icon has to be. I want to make fs have different icon but i can't figure out the size to make it.
  5. Beat-Down

    Empath ability (random item spell)

    I'm making a map and i want to have the hero have the same level 10 skills as the empath from enfos. ( If u don't know what skill that is it makes random items appear when u do the spell). I am pretty sure its a spell enhanced by a trigger but im not sure. Thx Alot, - = B e a t - D o w n = -
  6. Beat-Down

    How do i get hero to go above level 10

    Im trying to make a map with custom skills that go into high levels but my hero either gets stuck at level 5 or gets held up at level 10 and the game says its his max. I'd appreciate some help on this minor topic but i can't seem to figure it out. I've even looked at triggers to see if those...