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  1. HappyHero

    Report Of The Current State Of Battle Net 2.0

    About Ladders/Divisions: Doesn't it sound much nicer to be place 32 of 100, instead of beeing place 19482 of 227492? It is just much more motivating (at least for me) so see, ok, I can be placed top 10 in a division of 100, than seeing, oh I moved up another place in a hundred thousand...
  2. HappyHero

    Activison ruins Starcraft II

    They already mentioned guest passes somewhere in the official forums. Like you can do in WoW now, you can just give your friends a guest pass. They can download the game, play it for some hours or days (obviously with some restrictions). Therefore the spawn installations are no matter (and...
  3. HappyHero

    Selling maps

    People pay for a Call Of Duty MW2 Mappack Containing 5 maps, where 3 of them are just ported from MW1. Price is like 15€. If thats ok, people will also pay for other game content. I think it's going to be like in the app stores of mobile phones... A lot of people buy crap minigames for 1-3$ each.
  4. HappyHero

    Why there will probably be no SC2 version of Gaias

    Hey, I can understand you. The galaxy editor hasnt really brought the improvement I hoped it would. Scripting in Jass had it's limits, but still was fun and somehow I liked all those workarounds, as everyone of them made your map something really different. Hopefully, the final editor...
  5. HappyHero

    July 27th - Sc2 Release

    Yeah, 3 days before my math exam... THAT'S going to be a hard time :(
  6. HappyHero

    MMO possibilities in SC2?

    I think many people are expecting little too much from sc2. It is an RTS and will always be an RTS. It wasn't ever meant to be a "open game engine" or anything like that. I don't believe that if we want to create maps that are really different from starcraft gameplay we can do that without...
  7. HappyHero

    Galaxy Problems - Petition draft

    You all shoud know that blizzard isn't interessted in any petition. Don't forget, this is a Beta-State editor. You can believe me when I say: They know that the success of WC3 was heavily influenced by the Editor and they know it will clash on SC2's success the same way, if not even more...
  8. HappyHero

    Your suggestions for SC2 Gaias?

    Combat: It's perfect as it is now. Classes/Skills: I personally don't like the "evolve" system. I think it would be better to have a "base class" (like wc3gaias squire, thiref, etc.) and to the "personalisation" with skills/abilities. If you'd like keep the skill-buy-system (i like the...
  9. HappyHero

    Autostats please

    you can't really be too lazy to just spend a point each level...:slp:
  10. HappyHero

    What is this RPG about?

    It's no floating text, its just a regular text message.
  11. HappyHero

    Base Model for Attachments

    That is helpfull... Should be Sticky or added to some faq.
  12. HappyHero

    Base Model for Attachments

    Hi. When I lookup the Attachment-Model in the Model section I find most of them made fitting the "Villager with many animations". Can anybody tell me where to find that model? I'am also looking for other "base" models to be used for attachments, like some sort of caster and ranger model.
  13. HappyHero

    Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2D(5)

    First of all, map is great, fantastic, best i've ever seen. I think you've heard enough of the positive things so lets start with the usefull critics. Of course, we all would have loved to see more content, but i think it's a good way to first improve on the system and then add the...
  14. HappyHero

    Aggro System and Out Of Combat System v1.0 This might help you. Its a different aggro system that uses dedicated tables for each unit but also requires a lot more of jass knowledge.
  15. HappyHero

    Just another Warcraft III map

    Because it's flagged "melee" (see the map icon)
  16. HappyHero

    Aggro System and Out Of Combat System v1.0

    WE throws an error ("missing end of line", or something like that), if i try to save the map with your trigger imported... The same, when i try to save your testmap.
  17. HappyHero

    Unholy Invasion v2.2b

    Hi. I just played through this map (took me a whole day -.-). It's great. Simply fantastic. The fighting System is almost perfect. The map at all doesn't provide much variation expect trying different equips. I got a load of ideas while playing the map: Perhaps add some (buyable)...