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  1. Ev3nt

    MM Engine - Version 2.0.4 (Dev Build)

    I tried to do this. MM Engine.exe is an extended version of war3.exe. I can't start WC3 without storm.dll, because it's not supported by the game.
  2. Ev3nt

    MM Engine - Version 2.0.4 (Dev Build)

    This is not a commercial project, I don’t do it for money, I do it for fun. I don't like the latest Warcraft 3 patches, so there will be no updates to them. ^^
  3. E

    MM Engine - Naga Race Mod (Example) (Binary)

  4. Ev3nt

    Warcraft III - MultiRace Template

    Yeah, of course.
  5. Ev3nt

    Warcraft III - MultiRace Template

    Nope ^^. This's race system from MME (MM Engine (Version 2.0.0 Dev)). There are many bugs and crutches in Nirvana. In my case, all the code is made for the standard race system. MM Engine: Ev3nt/MM-Engine
  6. Ev3nt

    Warcraft III - MultiRace Template

    Warcraft 3 will die sooner or later, so I decided to publish the sources of my code that can add new races. I pulled this code from my other project and optimized it. Replays and multiplayer work. Anyone have an idea how to add a scroll to the race selection menu? GitHub
  7. Ev3nt

    [RenderEdge] Widescreen Fix

    Hmm, nice)
  8. Ev3nt

    W3x2Lni v2.7.2

    Thank you
  9. Ev3nt

    MM Engine - Version 2.0.4 (Dev Build)

    Done! MM Engine and instructions have become as easy as possible.
  10. Ev3nt

    BLP Plugin for Paint.NET

    Hmm, nice)
  11. Ev3nt

    WC3 Mod Manager v1.1.1

    Nice, but what about patch 1.30?
  12. Ev3nt

    W3x2Lni v2.7.2

    Very nice, I want to add this system to my client, can I?
  13. Ev3nt

    MM Engine - Version 2.0.4 (Dev Build)

    It works on patch 1.26 and 1.27. In other patches, mpq archives are hidden and because of this, I cannot transfer it to newer patches. UPD: 1.26, i have never tried it on 1.27.
  14. Ev3nt

    MM Engine - Version 2.0.4 (Dev Build)

    Thanks for the feedback. In fact, everything is very easy, just the instruction turned out big. For example, I added the MM Engine - Gnoll Race so that you can disassemble it and understand the principle of operation. p.s Nirvana is a mod from a Chinese developer
  15. E

    MM Engine (Binary)

  16. Ev3nt

    You are my friend \(≧∇≦)/...

    You are my friend \(≧∇≦)/...
  17. Ev3nt

    MM Engine - Version 2.0.4 (Dev Build) (Binary)

    About MM Engine MM Engine is a major modification that complements the original WC3 with such features as loading custom mpqs at the War3Patch.mpq level; adding custom races, including interface and voice acting; creating your own campaigns at the level of the original and much more! Current...